Spring Baby Shower for Baby Beckham

Who doesn’t love a fun party?! (Especially when it involves a gorgeous location, whimsical decor, yummy treats, and adorable gifts?!)

I was so flattered when Randi, of Kay & Co, asked me to be a part of a baby shower photo shoot. Randi did a phenomenal job coordinating this beautiful event held at Cannon Green in downtown Charleston! Hopefully the images (by Taylor Lauren Barker) will inspire you the next time you host a shower!

Gorgeous mom-to-be,  Kate Dye , posing with a hand-lettered sign by  Hatch Cove Designs . Furniture provided by  Adorn . Makeup by  Megan Waldron .

Gorgeous mom-to-be, Kate Dye, posing with a hand-lettered sign by Hatch Cove Designs. Furniture provided by Adorn. Makeup by Megan Waldron.

The Decor

Venue + Food by Cannon Green
Coordination by Kay & Co
Lounge by Adorn
Florals by Wimberly Fair
Signage by Hatch Cove Designs

Eats & Treats

Food by Cannon Green
Bubbly Bar by Kay & Co
Cookies by Bullfish Cookie Company
Cupcakes by Sugar Bakeshop
Florals by Wimberly Fair

The Gifts

**Charleston Baby Book by Texture Design Co.
Skincare by Wash With Water
Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Clutch by Hemming Birds
Mobile by Baby Jives
Baby Bodysuit by Radish Clothing Co.
Baby Shoes by Zimmerman Shoes

Gorgeous?! RIght?!

Three great takeaways from this event:

  1. Broaden Your Ideas on Location
    I love the idea that you don’t have to host a shower at your house. I know for us, our living area isn’t always conducive for large parties. So looking for spaces like Cannon Green can be a perfect solution!

  2. Florals, Florals, Florals
    A beautiful bouquet can go a long way for decorating! It can even be easier to go less in some areas, and just let the flowers do the talking.

  3. Create a Fun Backdrop for Taking Pics
    Balloon arches, background greenery, hand-lettered sign…these are all ideas for creating a space that is ideal for taking pictures. Don’t worry about the whole space being picture perfect! Make a specific backdrop that people want to take pictures in front of! (This will also encourage people to take pictures of the fun event!)

I hope these photos inspire some ideas! I’ll list the vendors again below!

-Emily Kirby

CHS Baby Book by Texture Design Co.
Skincare by Wash With Water
Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Clutch by Hemming Birds
Mobile by Baby Jives
Baby Romper by Radish Clothing Co.
Baby Shoes by Zimmerman Shoes

Photos by Taylor Lauren Barker
Coordination by Kay & Co
Food + Venue by Cannon Green
Makeup by Megan Waldron
Lounge by Adorn
Model Kate Dye
Bubbly Bar by Kay & Co
Cookies by Bullfish Cookie Co
Cupcakes by Sugar Bakeshop
Florals by Wimberly Fair

Interview with Escapada Living Founder

I’m so excited to share today’s interview with you! I was able to interview Natalia Castillo, the owner and founder of Escapada Living, a resort wear clothing line!

I’m always fascinated when people have an idea for a business, and they make it happen! For Natalia, she not only made her dream of a clothing line possible, but she also helped communities along the way! Keep reading to learn more about Natalia’s advice for starting a business and what her creative process looks like!

Founder of Escapada Living, Natalia Castillo

Founder of Escapada Living, Natalia Castillo

Natalia Headshot_2copy.jpg
Natalia Castillo of Escapada Living
  1. I first spotted the Escapada clothing line about a year and a half ago, and I was immediately drawn to the colors and patterns. How would you describe the brand in three words?
    Happy. Colorful. Relaxed.

  2. Can you recall what was the inspiration that lead you to create a cheerfully, bold resort wear brand?

    I was traveling in the South of France (French Riviera) and I realized that there was a void in the market for happy, fun, well-priced resortwear. 

  3. I love that you decided to start a clothing line and made it happen! What were the initial challenges of the business?

    Definitely working out of my house for the first 2 ½ years! There was no separation of work and home, which made it very hard.

  4. If you could go back and give yourself one bit of advice about running a business, what would that be?

    I would find a partner to help me run the business! It’s a lot of work and responsibility for one person to be in charge of everything.

  5. What does the design process look like when you are creating new collections for Escapada?

    We start the process with inspirational product boards, discussing themes and color palettes for the next season. We then move on to creating prints that work within our chosen theme and end with choosing new bodies. These steps overlap over a period of many weeks/months. We are constantly tweaking things until we receive the final samples.

  6. A big aspect of Escapada Living is the philanthropic side! I was amazed to read all of the ways that the brand is helping communities. Can you share how the Escapada Living Children’s Fund was established?

    The Escapada Living Children’s Fund was established 4 years ago to help support the local community in Solo, Indonesia (where our factory is located). Our production manager oversees the fund and is very involved in the children’s daily lives. The Solo community has given so much to us, it’s nice to be able to give back.

  7. Where do you see Escapada Living going in the next 5 years?
    I see Escapada Living expanding into more of a ‘brand with a purpose.’ 

  8. Current favorite item in your shop?

    Our stretch knit Fonda Tunic Dress! It has a classic fit and super easy to throw on. Did I mention comfortable?

  9. As a fellow Charleston resident, what is your favorite go-to restaurant in town?

    My new favorite restaurant is Melfi’s, but my go-to restaurant is definitely The Obstinate Daughter.

Fonda Tunic Dress  by Escapada Living

Fonda Tunic Dress by Escapada Living

Thank you, Natalia, for your time!

I love hearing the stories behind a brand! Be sure to check out our interview on the
Escapada blog, The Escapist.

-Emily Kirby

2018 Charleston Gift Guide

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

For December’s blog post, we are sharing a list of Christmas gifts with the utmost southern charm. After all it is the season of giving! And what better way to kick off this season of selflessness than to support local businesses while giving someone you know something they’d love?! And yes, that is a shoutout to that feeling when you know you nailed a gift for someone and you can’t wait for them to open it. Maybe this person you love is local, maybe they love Charleston, or maybe they have always wanted to visit. Either way, these gifts are both Charleston made and Charleston inspired, and they are looking to be loved by the ones you love both near and far!

Charleston Gift Guide including Locally Made goods


The Very Charleston book by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler is the perfect something for someone who dreams of visiting Charleston or falls in love with its charm everyday. It offers beautiful illustrations of the ins and outs of this stunning city, and can be purchased at Lulu Burgess on King St.

Charleston Gift Ideas - Very Charleston

Charleston Gift Ideas - Earrings


J. Mills is a Charleston local jeweler, and you can find her delicate pieces at Lulu Burgess on King St. Her jewelry features lots of sea-blues and iridescent accents inspired by the Charleston’s coastal lowcountry.


Our friends at Charleston Candle Co. create beautiful hand-poured soy candles! Each scent is inspired by the delightful aromas of the southeast. For example, the Church Street candle offers the lovely smell of Jasmine reminiscent of a downtown stroll. Available for purchase at The Community.

Photo by Julie Livingston Photography

Photo by Julie Livingston Photography

Charleston Gift Ideas


Charleston is pretty sweet; however, Charleston’s Own Salt Water Taffy is even sweeter! This would make a great housewarming or hostess gift. The taffies feature bright pastels similar to the colors of the Holy City, and flavors that are just as yummy as they are pretty!


This Hemming Birds clutch is very bright, very floral, and very Charleston! The play on pastels and rich floral hues capture the flower-filled, colorful tones throughout the city. Even on rainy days it is hard for this city to not feel colorful! This is another local maker, and her clutch’s and baby bibs can be found at The Community.

Charleston Gift Ideas - locally made clutch

Charleston Gift Ideas - locally made earrings


Br. Design Co. at Cannonborough Collective brings you these lovely, Charleston green statement piece earrings. We do not do anything subtle here in this colorful city, and these bold statement earrings are no exception! Both contemporary and charming, these earrings will have heads turning.


Start your day off extra bright (pun-intended) and early , with Texture Design Co.’s Rainbow Row mug. It will add color to any muggy wintery day, and is perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, eggnog, or tea. The mug can be purchased on our website and in store at Lulu Burgess Boutique or Cannonborough Collective.

Charleston Gift Ideas - rainbow row mug

Charleston Gift Ideas - Callie's biscuits


Nothing says southern like biscuits, and what could be better than sweet potato biscuits! Send a package of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits to your friends or better yet, grab a gift card to Callie’s restaurant Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit.


Who doesn’t love a great T-shirt, especially when it comes in a mint color AND features your favorite city!? Yep, pretty much in love with this Tee by Graefic Design. Check out more of her products at Cannonborough Collective.

Charleston Gift Ideas - chs t shirt

Charleston Gift Ideas - pineapple dog collar


And for all the dog-lovers, what could be cuter than this Charleston-inspired pineapple dog collar by CrewLaLa?! Purchase a coordinating bow or bow-tie for a little added flair! Visit their store in West Ashley or shop at Cannonborough Collective downtown!

We hope you have a very merry and cozy holiday season!


How to Create a Stunning Fall Floral Arrangement

7 Simple Steps to Create a Fall Floral Arrangement!

Bring autumn into your home! It’s that time of year where the days are shorter, the leaves are changing, and pumpkin-spice is everything. The cool, crisp autumn air is approaching rather fast and what better way to kick-off the changing of seasons than with a festive fall floral arrangement created on a $30 budget. Below is my step-by-step process to creating a successful floral arrangement.

7 Steps to create fall florals

Step 1: Harvest or choose your recipe, and the sky is the limit with this one!

I foraged my ingredients from grocery cut flowers at my local Trader Joes and Harris Teeter. The biggest takeaway from previously being a floral design intern, was learning the recipe of successful floral arranging. The recipe includes: 15 stems of greenery, 15 stems of a filler flower, 8 stems of a secondary flower, and 8 stems of your focal flower. However, since my budget was $30, I cut the recipe almost in half and instead worked with 10 stems of greenery, 8 stems of filler flower, 5 stems of secondary flower, and 5 stems of focal my flower presented in a pumpkin as the vase.

Step 1: Choose your recipe!

Step 1: Choose your recipe!

Step 2: Process the flowers.

To begin, start off by clipping off the rubber bands, dispose of the plastic or newspaper and cut the stems at a 45 degree angle. This way your flowers get as much water as they can, quickly! Processing is mostly about grooming your flowers, and prepping them for the arrangement. This is my favorite part of the “process” (pun- intended), because while I am pulling off unwanted leaves, droopy petals, and trimming the stems I feel like I am getting to know the flowers I am working with.

Step 3: Carve your pumpkin.

Cut a square or round shape around the stem, remove the top, and clean out the insides of the pumpkin. Instead of filling the pumpkin with water, I placed a plastic liner inside using plastic wrap and a small bowl inside to avoid the pumpkin from rotting.

*Something to keep in mind- when arranging continuously spin your arrangement as you add to it. This will help you distribute weight, create shape, and bring symmetry to your arrangement as you go.

Step 4: Start with your greenery.

The greenery I used below, Trader Joes referred to as “mixed greenery”, I bought the green and red separately to bring some diversity to the base of the arrangement. Greenery is important because it creates support from the larger blossoms, like your secondary and focal flowers.

Step 4: Add the greenery

Step 4: Add the greenery

Step 5: Add in your filler flower.

For my filler flower, I used green Hydrangeas to create dimension. A larger bloom is encouraged, because they are needed to help take up space in the arrangement!

Step 5: Add the Filler Flowers

Step 5: Add the Filler Flowers

Step 6: Add in your secondary flower.

Secondary flowers are often supposed to be more delicate, smaller in size, and wild-looking than the focal and filler flowers. So I chose Gypsophila. I liked the small white blooms because they brought variety in size, color, and gave the arrangement a more “wooded” or “wild” appearance.

Step 6: Add Secondary Flowers

Step 6: Add Secondary Flowers

Last, but not least! Step 7: Add your focal flowers!

Large statement blooms, like roses, peonies, carnations, or sunflowers are encouraged because they are going to be what is noticed first. This step is the best part in creating an arrangement, because the focal flowers tie everything together. I chose sunflowers as my focal flower, and loved the way the contrast between the yellow tones brought together some of the orange in the pumpkin.

Step 7: Add Focal Point Flowers

Step 7: Add Focal Point Flowers

DIY Floral Arranging in a Pumpkin

Put on some music when you arrange too! I listen to French Jazz when I arrange, because lyrics distract me and I find myself more present when I am listening to something instrumental. So put on music that you love, create something beautiful, and just have fun!

-Alexandra Steinberg

Introducing Our Newest Intern!

Y’all! Somehow I always hit the jackpot on interns!

Our fall semester intern is Alexandra! Mature beyond her years. Incredibly creative! AND a marketing wiz kid!

Alexandra has been helping me behind the scenes for a few weeks now! You can see her work on our updated Pinterest boards. I’d love for you to get to know a little more about this young lady who is helping me to run this show!

Marketing and Design Internship

1. Having lived in California, North Carolina, Georgia, and now South Carolina, how do you think these locations have shaped who you are today?

After growing up in California, and moving to North Carolina at 15 years old where my dad got a job, it taught me at an early age that I can get through the uncomfortable and I can adapt to anything. We left all of our friends and family behind, and started a new chapter together. It forced me to overcome social anxiety in order to make friends, and taught me that unfamiliarity is temporary. And I think going through that big of a move made the transition of living in Georgia and South Carolina for college, a lot easier. I am not afraid of change, like I once was. I love the south and I think that all three states offer different version of southern charm.

2. What brought you to the College of Charleston and how did you decide your major?

I transferred to CofC from SCAD in Savannah, because as a sophomore at SCAD I was unsure with what I wanted to do with my future and I needed to be at a school that offered a less “specific” track, but I still wanted to be in a creatively stimulating environment. Charleston was perfect, the city is very similar to Savannah except even more charming. I took a printmaking class at SCAD as an elective, and I decided to make Studio Art my major and printmaking my concentration because with all art classes transferring over it was the only major that would allow me to graduate on time. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I am so grateful SCAD brought me printmaking and I have been able to carry that out here. I have learned so many more techniques like Lithography, Etching and Solar Plate printing while being at CofC. My understanding of printmaking has expanded greater than I even imagined.

3. Which of your classes are you most excited about this semester?

I am most excited for my Painting I class. I do not have any experience with painting, even more specifically, oil painting. I am excited to step outside my comfort zone this semester and challenge myself. Within my printmaking concentration, I have only had print classes until this semester and I haven’t felt artistically challenged in a while, although I am a little nervous to be graded on a medium I don’t have any familiarity with, I am nonetheless excited to watch my artistic skill set grow.

4. What areas do you hope to pursue after graduating in the spring?

I hope to pursue a career in art direction or branding. I am very detail oriented and love to create still-lifes, photographic compositions, and various subjects within my work that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Art direction is appealing to me because it involves so many different aspects of organization, photography, design, inspiration, and collaboration.

5. Currently, what are your preferred creative outlets?

My first creative outlet that I have gotten into is to put headphones in, while I  listen to different kinds of music, and I don’t lift my pen off the page. The goal is to draw a continuous line that changes as the music or beat does. It’s helped me loosen up, and realize that art doesn’t have to be about intention and control. I’ve learned to trust myself, and let go.

My second creative outlet, is digital collages. I have been big into creating pretty, whimsical, retro pieces inspired by collage artist Eugenia Loli. I love organizing all of the layers that go into the collages.

6. Previously, you interned with a floral design company. What was the greatest takeaway from this experience?

The biggest takeaway would be applying the principles of design to an organic medium. I loved working with my hands, and feeling them create something beautiful. Most of my work before the internship was digital my background is in graphic design, so being able to work with a medium that grew from the ground was unlike anything else. The best part was driving by the brides in Savannah on my way home from work, with them and their wedding party holding the bouquets I made.


7. Favorite coffee shop in Charleston?

My favorite coffee shop is Kudu coffee, because they don’t have wifi. And I like that because it encourages people to talk to one another, read, or get creative with how they spend their time. I see many people read by themselves, listen to music, enjoy good conversation, people watch, or get some sort of work done. And the iced-chai is to-die-for.

Check back in for new posts and thoughts from this young lady!

Alexandra, super excited to have you on the team!


Emily Kirby

Baby Girl's First Birthday


How is baby girl already 12 months old!? I've been reflecting on the past year a lot lately! It has been a year of INCREDIBLE joy and a year of GREAT challenges. I'm so thankful to see this smiley little face everyday, but occasionally I still can't believe I'm her mom! (No pressure or anything!)

Thank you Leah's Opus Photography for capturing such sweet moments at Millie's July birthday!

With sunglasses and beach umbrella sugar cookies, we celebrated our little "beach baby".

Sidenote: She did NOT care for birthday cake! How are we related?! I'm the Sugar Queen!

Perhaps the greatest lessons I've learned from raising this little flower:
1. Be Present! (even in the little moments)
2. God is in control, and we are not! So rely on Him!

During the party, we asked guests to write a little note on the inside cover of Millie's Charleston Baby Book! I think this will be so special for her to read as she gets older! (Left and Right image by Melissa Griffin Photography)

We had a blast with our family and friends. When we started planning, we knew we couldn't fit everyone in our house. (Martin has a large family!) So we started brainstorming of locations that would be low stress, conveniently located, and kid friendly!

Coastal Crust was perfect! The delicious pizza, the ample seating, the charming outdoor setting, and the kid play areas all made it ideal for a first birthday! The best part...I only had to remember 3 things! The dessert, the balloons, and the birthday girl! #success

D E T A I L S :

Party Location: Coastal Crust in Mount Pleasant, SC
Baby Crown: Kichiqueen
Baby Romper: Cat & Jack
Cookies: Made them at home with our baker friend! 
Smash Cake: Publix Bakery
Number One Candle: Meri Meri
Bandana Bib: Hemming Birds Bibs
Photography: Leah's Opus Photography

Happy first year baby girl! We love you!

A Cheery & Colorful Nursery for Baby Girl

Six weeks before Miss Millie's arrival, the nursery was still our office and housing a GIANT roll top desk in the middle of the room. I was starting to get a little stressed that we would have nothing set up before her due date! You can ask my friends, it was starting to make me sweat. lol!

Thankfully we found someone who wanted to buy our humongous desk, and finally got some time to set up the nursery! I love sitting in Camille's room (which is a good thing because I sit in here a lot feeding this little princess!); it makes me smile because it is bright and cheery. No real theme...just colorful and hopefully a little whimsical. 

Creating a Colorful Little Girl Nursery


Paint: Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams
Chair: Celadon Home
Ottoman Pouf: CB2 Braided Jute
Rug: Target Chevron Shag Rug
Sidetable: Target Scallop Kids Table
Shelves: Target White Traditional Wall Shelves
Plates: Lulie Wallace at Anthropologie 
^ Plates may not be available online anymore
Pineapple Print: Texture Design Co
Lamp: Birch Lane Kids Lamp
Mint Hooks: Clearance Item at Anthropologie
^ Similar Item
Wood Name Sign: The Salted Lantern
Newborn Photographs: Melissa Griffin
Wood Wall Frames: Target
Crib Sheet: Levtex Baby Coral Arrow
Pom Poms for Mobile: The Pom Pom Tree
Paris Artwork: Originals by Emily Reyna
Little Cow: Belle by Organic Farm Buddies

Wood Name Sign on Camille's Door made by The Salted Lantern

Wood Name Sign on Camille's Door made by The Salted Lantern

As you can see, it is just a happy mix of colors and patterns in her room! Corals, Pinks, Mint, Aqua, Grey, Orange and the list goes on! Chevrons, arrows, stripes, & florals! 

I also tried to mix new and old to give her room some sentimental appeal! The shoes hanging from the hooks are my baby shoes that my mom saved. The old window was a piece that Martin found, and we added the hooks from Anthropologie. (The flower hooks were on clearance, so I don't know if you can still find them. But I linked a similar color hook above in the details.) The changing table is my dresser from my childhood. We painted it with Lowe's Furniture Paint and added knobs from Hobby Lobby. The little rocking chair was also in my nursery as a child. 

I wasn't able to find a nursery mobile that fit my colors, so I just made one using pom poms from The Pom Pom Tree and a few handmade pom poms! I'll do a DIY post on this in the next few months! (Email me if you want details now!)

I'm hoping that a lot of these items can grow with Camille, and perhaps I can pass some of it down to her for her future nursery! All photos by Melissa Griffin Photography!

Have a great day!


Love On Others. Free Instagram Image.

I believe we are called to love on others. This often means dying to ourselves and our own desires. Valentine's Day is approaching, and I believe the holiday is a great reminder to choose to put others before yourself! Right click and save the image below to use on your Instagram feed!

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

I Corinthians 14:4-7

Have a wonderful day!

New Medium for Illustrations

Started playing around with a new medium today! Gouache paint! It takes a little getting used to, but I like how it is almost the middle man between watercolor and acrylic painting! Stay tuned for new painted illustrations coming to the shop soon!

Gouache Painting

I also bought a beautiful metallic gold gouache that I'm really enjoying! You can see the detail of it above! Have you tried gouache? Do you like it? Thoughts?

Have a great day!
Emily Kirby

3 Tips on How to Gift Package Like a Boss!

Today Melissa Bowman, from The Blue Root, is taking over the blog and teaching us how to package our gifts like a pro! It is all about making the gift presentation just as exciting as the gift! 

Gift Packaging Tips
Melissa Bowman of the Blue Root
Photos by Jennifer Collins Photography

Photos by Jennifer Collins Photography

ALSO! We've collaborated with The Blue Root to create a limited edition gift set! (pictured above) It features our 2018 Flower Box calendar, Pineapple mug, Charleston Christmas card, & Ripple Coffee! Purchase the gift box on her website or win one on our Instagram this coming Monday! 

3 Tips on How to Gift Package Like A Boss:


The holidays have always held a special place in my heart. It is a time to be with loved ones, to celebrate, and to bestow gifts to all of the special people in my life. But while I don't need a holiday to get creative with gift wrapping, they do make it easier to think outside of the box (literally!!) and to create a gift that is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. I truly believe that the packaging can elevate your gift instantly making whatever is inside even more special. Here are my three top tips to help make your gifts eye-catching and beautiful:

1. The Vessel

I own a gift box business so obviously this is very important to me. I realize that budget can be an issue but finding a reusable vessel to hold your gift adds another level. It doesn't have to be expensive! Go to a craft store and look for plain muslin or canvas bags, heavy paper machete boxes or even a wire basket. Most of these can be purchased for under $10 and will remind the recipient of you every time they use it. 

Photo by Jennifer Collins Photography

Photo by Jennifer Collins Photography

2. The Ribbon

Ahh, the ribbon. I remember helping my mother wrap gifts for Christmas as a child and curling yard and yards of gift wrap ribbon. The plastic feeling material was easy to tie and it was very inexpensive but it's impossible to get it off without cutting it or ruining the wrapping paper. Do yourself a favor and "splurge” on some real fabric ribbon. There is just something so special about presenting a gift with a beautifully tied bow that someone can gracefully undo. Double faced satin is my favorite and adds an elegant touch, but organza or sheer ribbon are great options as well. I have seen many varieties at the dollar store but if budget is a concern you can even use yarn. In fact, for one Christmas I used nothing but craft paper to wrap all of our gifts in and yarn was the perfect touch! If you do choose fabric ribbon, don't forget to trim the ends. An inverted V or diagonal cut will help keep the ends of your ribbon from fraying and finishes off the look.

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography

3. The Enhancements

At this point, your gift will look amazing in a reusable box or container and has a lovely ribbon to match but to really take it to the next level you can add a coordinating decoration to the gift. It’s wonderful if what you choose can give a hint as to what is inside but the most important thing is to match the theme of the gift wrap and ribbon. Get creative! In the past I have used small starfish, branches, and even candy. The holidays are the best time to find lovely adornments all over your home. Keep some branches from your christmas tree clippings or find an ornament or floral pick to add. The sky is the limit! Have fun and happy wrapping!

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography


Melissa Bowman
The Blue Root


New Member of Texture Design Co.

You may have seen on our Instagram that we welcomed a new addition to the Texture Design Co. family! Camille Lynn Kirby was born on July 25th, and it has been the sweetest, hardest, and most memorable past 3 months! People tell you all these things about motherhood, but NONE of it really makes sense until you are in the moment!

She has been my greatest joy and my greatest challenge! I love her so much my heart hurts, and I fall apart thinking about her growing up too fast! At 3am I reminisce on what 8 hours of sleep felt like, but at 6am I cherish her perky morning disposition! Her smile lights up her whole face, and she thinks her daddy is the funniest person she's ever met. She studies everyone and everything in the room, always very aware of her surroundings! I've been trying to take it all in, and I'm learning to enjoy the small moments.

Our good friend, Melissa Griffin Photography, took some amazing photos at Millie's one month milestone! I'm just now getting a chance to share the pics with you! 


Oh yes, and a shameless plug for our Charleston themed baby book, but only because I'm so excited about it! This keepsake book is my favorite project to date! I've been documenting Camille's first year in our copy of the book! The great thing about each page is that it isn't overwhelming! You can record the month's highlights in a few minutes...cuz ain't nobody got more time than that! :)


Have a great day!

Emily Kirby

Your Guide to the Perfect Charleston Bachelorette Party

We're well into the summer here in Charleston, and one thing is for certain - wedding season is in full swing! Every bride preparing for her big day deserves the only best for her bachelorette party, too, and what better place to celebrate than the Holy City? Endless options of places to eat, drink, and play make Charleston, South Carolina the ideal destination for a girls trip like no other. Here are a few of our favorite ways to take advantage of a weekend in the city.

Where To Stay

The Belmond Charleston Place

Photo Courtesy of The Belmond Charleston Place

Photo Courtesy of The Belmond Charleston Place

The Belmond is one of my favorite hotels in Charleston. It is located on Lower King Street, right in the heart of the shopping district and boasting an impressive collection of boutiques and high-end retailers in their own lobby. With entrances on both King and Meeting street (looking right onto the City Market) the sprawling, marble-floored hotel offers easy access to many of Charleston's must-see areas. The recently-renovated rooms are lavish and exquisite, and the rooftop pool and spa area is one of the most beautiful luxury settings any Charleston hotel has to offer. 

The Mills House Wyndham Grand

The Mills House is another hotel I love to recommend.  It is associated with Wyndham, but the Mills House has the feel of a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. Standing on Meeting Street in all its pearly pink glory, this one is hard to miss as you walk by. The hotel is in perfect walking distance to fabulous restaurants (close by are Husk and Poogans Porch, among others), and is just blocks away from Rainbow Row and much of the historic district. With a dazzling interior and a lounge-worthy outdoor pool and patio, a visit to the Mills will likely leave you wanting to stay forever. 

The Dewberry

Photos courtesy of Workspace

If a swanky, retro, but extremely high-class aesthetic is what you're all about, look no further than the Dewberry Hotel on Meeting Street. This newcomer has only been open for a year or so, but has already received the highest praise for it's sparkling interiors, incredible restaurant and world-class bar. A stay at the Dewberry will make you and the gang feel as if you stepped onto the set of Madmen, but you don't have to be a guest of the hotel to experience the grandeur - stop by their bar, the Living Room, for craft cocktails, or visit Henrietta's Brasserie, also on site, for a wonderful breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Where To Eat


Queen Street Grocery

Photo courtesy of Queen Street Grocery

Queen Street Grocery is a must stop for any breakfast lover and one of my personal favorites. Nestled in the quiet, residential area of Queen Street, QSG is a neighborhood favorite, surrounded by quaint walk-ups and brownstones.  Because of its slightly off-the-tourist-trail location, many miss out on the chance to eat here while in town. The cafe offers a delicious selection of sweet and savory crepes, salads, sandwiches, omelettes, and smoothies. Quaint and beyond delicious, a stop here is the perfect way to start your weekend in Charleston.

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit is raved about by both locals and tourists. They are known for their world-renowned biscuits,  topped or stuffed with a variety of jams, meats, cheeses, and seasonings. Their original location is a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop on Upper King Street, but a second outpost has recently opened inside the City Market on Meeting Street. You can sit at the counter and dine or grab them to go, but they are without question a must eat during your trip to Charleston! Don't forget a cup of their French press coffee, too. 



Stars is a unique brunch experience because, unlike many other locations, guests are seated at a table and treated to an all you can eat buffet. One section offers a variety of salads, appetizers, and desserts, while another has biscuits, eggs, sausage, potatoes, and customizable omelettes and pancakes. After a delicious meal, and you follow up your brunch with mimosas and bloody Mary's Stars' spectaular the rooftop overlooking King Street.

Hominy Grill

Photo courtesy of Hominy Grill

Photo courtesy of Hominy Grill

When it comes to weekends in Charleston, brunch is a necessity and Hominy Grill is the place to be. They didn't earn the title of most popular brunch spot for nothing - Hominy dishes out heavenly plates of grits, pancakes, and the infamous ‘Charleston Nasty Biscuit,’ a breakfast monstrosity compiled of fried chicken, cheddar cheese, and sausage gravy. Expect a wait to get in, but no need to worry - while you sit outside killing time, you can order drinks through a special window on the patio.

The Park Cafe

Adored by all, the Park Cafe is the brunch destination of your dreams. With a fresh, local menu dominated by the likes of poached eggs and avocado toast, this bright and airy cafe is the perfect start to the weekend. Enjoy a mimosa or a specialty coffee among the abundant greenery. 


The Palmetto Cafe

Photo courtesy of The Palmetto Cafe

The Palmetto Cafe is located right in the center of the renowned Charleston Place Hotel. The restaurant is set in a courtyard within the hotel and is surrounded by glass walls so you can enjoy the beauty both inside and out. The food is fabulous and the menu offers crowd-pleasing dishes such as She Crab soup, Lobster Mac and Cheese, and a Surf and Turf Burger. Once you polish off your meal, you can explore the stores within the hotel or head back out to continue exploring. 

Kitchen 208

Photos courtesy of Kitchen 208

Photos courtesy of Kitchen 208

Kitchen 208 hosts a more casual, price-friendly atmosphere, while still delivering great quality and taste. Their menu consists of sandwiches, salads, and wraps. You order and pay at the front counter and then can choose a seat on their large side patio. The patio is located right on the busy King Street so its a great place to eat and people watch. The staff will deliver your food to your table and you just place your dishes in a bin when you are done. It is the perfect place to stop if you’re looking for something quick and delicious.




Photo courtesy of Food Spotting

Photo courtesy of Food Spotting

Oku offers an unbeatable atmosphere on any weekend evening. As Charleston's favorite classy Asian spot, Oku boasts a great selection of drinks and an even better menu of appetizers and sushi. Even if you're not a sushi lover, have no fear: Oku also offers classic dishes like Chicken Teriyaki and Roasted Duck. After the dinner hours have passed, the restaurant becomes more of a bar scene, DJ and all. 


Photos courtesy of Charleston Culinary Tours

If it's a true culinary experience you're looking for, head to Husk. Owned by renowned chef and local favorite Sean Brock, Husk is all about dazzling spins on Southern favorites (think shrimp and grits, Carolina gold rice, and so on). If you can't snag a table in the main dining room, grab a seat at the adjacent Husk Bar, where the cocktails and bar snacks are just as to-die-for as the main menu.

A Night on the Town

Republic Garden and Lounge

Republic is a great stop for a night out downtown. The bar is right on Upper King and offers seating both indoors and out. The patio is where the real party is, with a live band featured most nights of the week. You can walk in but also have the option of reserve a table ahead of time, and with an extensive cocktail menu and bottle service available, Republic puts you in the center of the action of Charleston's lively late night scene.

Market Pavilion Rooftop

The Pavilion Bar is located on the roof of the Market Pavilion Hotel. It sits on the corner of the City Market and has a gorgeous view of the market, the bridge, and the city. Their have a variety of Martinis, Mojitos, and wines, many of which boast some southern flare. They also have a great late night food menu to browse. With high top tables and poolside loungers, this rooftop haunt is an ideal spot to end the night with an unparalleled view of the city and harbor. 

Elevé at the Grand Bohemian Hotel

Photo courtesy of Marriott. 

Photo courtesy of Marriott. 

This rooftop restaurant and lounge feels part bar, part fairytale - in other words, the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of rosé at golden hour. Kick back in one of the many plush couches or chairs and watch the sunset. 


Fun Things To Do

Hit The Beach

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Whether you’re staying in downtown Charleston or off on one of the islands, you're guaranteed to never be more than 20 minutes from a beach. What better place to spend the afternoon on a hot and sunny weekend? Folly Beach has the vibe of a classic beach town, with a wide selection of restaurants and shops - all bathing suit and sandy-feet appropriate. In the other direction, Sullivan’s Island is dreamy in its own right. A bit quieter but definitely not lacking in incredible restaurants or views, Sullivan's feels like summer year-round. Be sure to stick around for a post-beach bite, be it world-famous burgers at Poe's Tavern, tacos and margaritas at Mex 1, or something a little nicer at the Obstinant Daughter. 


Stroll Down King Street

Photo courtesy of Daniel Island

Photo courtesy of Daniel Island

Shoppers, rejoice. In the heart of downtown Charleston is King Street, something of a mecca for fashionistas and explorers alike. In the number of shops living both sides of the street, you can find popular high end brands like Club Monaco, Louis Vuitton, and Vineyard Vines alongside local boutiques and big chains like Forever 21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. Make a day of it by stopping for lunch or coffee at one of many cafes and restaurants tucked between retailers. 


 Candlefish Workshop

Photos courtesy of Candlefish

A wonderful option for groups and something of a bachelorette "must" here in Charleston, the Candlefish candle making workshop is a total blast. Spend an afternoon or evening choosing custom scents and learning how to pour candles like a pro, all in Candlefish's beautiful Wentworth Street space. As an added bonus, workshops are BYOB, so don't forget a to bring a bottle of rosé. 


Visit a Plantation

Photo courtesy of Boone Hall

Photo courtesy of Boone Hall

If you're looking for a break from the downtown scene and want to take in some local history, why not visit a plantation? The Lowcountry is home to a multitude of the historic sites, including Boone Hall, Magnolia Plantation, and Middleton Place, all located within reasonable driving distance of downtown. Each plantation has their own unique story and visitor experience, but all offer a perfect dose of old Southern beauty and charm. 

However you spend your weekend, we hope these ideas help to make you bachelorette one you'll never forget!

If you need a souvenir to commemorate your girls weekend, check out our Texture Design Co. bachelorette weekend mugs on Etsy. Free pick up in Charleston if you message us!

- Elise & Abby

How To Summer in Charleston Like a Local

The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, and more visitors are flocking to the city every day. This can only mean one thing: summertime is officially upon us!  Though the heat can be brutal and the pace seems to slow down a bit during these months, there is something undeniably wonderful about summer in the Holy City. Whether you find yourself visiting for the weekend or sweating it out all summer long, take advantage of these local secrets to make the most of the season. We've rounded up some activities and events we love to help you savor the city during our favorite time of year. (Keep reading until the end for a chance to win our giveaway!!)

Bust Out Your Dancing Shoes

Photo courtesy of charleston.com

Photo courtesy of charleston.com

One of my favorite things about summertime is without a doubt the return of "Shaggin' on the Cooper," a bi-weekly swing dance party that breaks out on the end of the Mount Pleasant Pier. As the evenings get warmer and the days get longer, carve out a few Saturday nights to watch the sunset under the Ravenel Bridge to the sound of a live band. Whether you're an expert shagger or the Cha Cha Slide is more your speed, you won't want to miss this series. Can't make it to one of these dates? Check out the "Moonlight Mixers" series on the Folly Beach Pier for even more chances to boogie. 

More information: https://ccprc.com/1175/Shaggin-on-the-Cooper

Go Farmer's Market Hopping

The wait is over - after a few months off, the farmer's market has returned to the Holy City. The downtown market is the place to be on Saturday mornings - Marion Square fills to the brim with food trucks (your best for breakfast this time of year), crafty vendors, and rows of farm fresh produce as far as the eye can see. The fun doesn't stop there, though; there are a number of different farmer's markets taking place all over the city throughout the week. We love the Folly Beach market, every Wednesday evening, and the Sunday Brunch Farmer's Market in West Ashley to name a few. 

More information: https://lowcountrylocalfirst.org/lowcountry-farmers-markets/

See a Show 

If there's one thing that says "summer" in Charleston, it's the annual Spoleto Festival. Since 1977, the 17-day festival has been committed to bringing world-renowned artists and performers to the city for a cultural event like no other. This year's lineup is sure to be dazzling as ever, the docket including everything from jazz to cinema to dance. Kicking off on May 26th, tickets for many shows are still available, but be sure to check out Piccolo Spoleto as well, a coinciding mini-festival with a number of performances free to the public. 

More information: https://spoletousa.org/

Take to the Bridge

Searching for the best view of the Charleston peninsula? Look no further than the Ravanel Bridge. The bridge is a city landmark to be sure, but it also boasts a pedestrian path for runners, bikers, and leisurely walkers. While it may be a little toasty to make the trek in the afternoon, a stroll at sunrise or sunset is pure bliss. Park your car on East Bay Street or over on the Mount Pleasant side and take in the beauty of the Charleston Harbor from above. 

Catch a Movie (with a View)

Is there anything better than kicking back and catching a classic movie on the big screen? Well, there is one thing - movie nights on the beach! Every Wednesday night, starting May 31st, The Tides resort on Folly Beach shows a crowd-pleaser (LaLa Land, Jaws, and Frozen are all on the calendar) on a huge ocean-front screen, and admission is totally free. Bring your friends, beach chairs, and movie snacks and make it a weekly tradition. Another great way to step up your cinema game? The swanky Restoration Hotel is hosting a rooftop film series this summer, too. 

More information: http://www.holycitysinner.com/2017/04/19/beach-movie-night-returns-to-tides-folly-beach-for-2017/


Beach bag giveaway

And here is some really exciting news! In honor of Memorial Day and the start of summer, we are giving away two Beach Tote Bags!!

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FURTHER DETAILS: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. By entering, you are confirming that you are indeed 18+ years of age, release from any and all responsibility, and you are adhering to Instagram's terms of use.

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Best of Charleston Comfort Food

Like everyone else in Charleston, we at Texture are down right obsessed with some good Southern cooking. We love this city's quintessential cuisine so much that we've even devoted products to it: some of our favorite items in the shop are these greeting cards that celebrate love. friendship, and the joys of comfort food. 

Whether you are a resident of Charleston or a visitor, one thing is for sure: buttermilk biscuits can be found on every corner, and every restaurant seems to be boasting the best shrimp and grits in town. In the spirit of Southern hospitality, we've rounded up the best of the best. Caution: don't read on an empty stomach! 

Best Biscuits: Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

I cannot say enough good things about Hot Little Biscuit. It was one of the first places I went when I moved to Charleston, and has been a favorite ever since! Located on Upper King Street, HLB is about the size of a shoebox, but there's a reason for the near-constant line out the door: the bakers inside are cooking up pure magic seven days a week. The biscuits are in fact little (true to their name), so be sure to grab two or three, plain or filled. My personal favorites include the cinnamon, blackberry, and black pepper bacon, but the fried chicken biscuit (with chicken from neighboring Rarebit) is sure to blow you away, too. As an added bonus, HLB has late-night hours on the weekends, opening their doors from 10 pm-2 am for all you downtown bar crawlers. Be sure to check out HLB's new location, too, which just opened in the Charleston City Market! 

(Photos courtesy of calliesbiscuits.com)

Honorable Mentions for Best Biscuits: Hominy Grill, Poogan's Porch

Best Shrimp and Grits: Hominy Grill

Hominy Grill is as almost as integral to Charleston culture as grits themselves. With a line out the door rain or shine, every day of the year, it's safe to say this restaurant is doing something right. A famous locale for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it's only fitting that Hominy holds the crown for "best shrimp and grits in Charleston," named the winner by the Wall Street Journal, Eater, Trip Advisor, Southern Living, and countless others. What makes this dish so memorable? Grits from local mills topped with shrimp and mushrooms sautéed with bacon. Take our word for it - one taste is worth the wait. 

(Photos courtesy of hominygrill.com)

Honorable Mentions for Best Shrimp and Grits: Husk, Poogan's Porch, S.N.O.B.

Best Mac and Cheese: Crave Kitchen

Every fall, Charleston hosts one of the most highly anticipated culinary events in the South - that is, the annual Mac Off. For the past seven years, over twenty five local restaurants, chefs, and food trucks have gathered to compete for the title of "Best Mac and Cheese" in the Holy City, and, for the last five years, one restaurant has beaten them all. The reigning winner, year after year, is Crave Kitchen, located in Mount Pleasant. Chef Landon Ganstrom certainly knows his was around the dish - after his multiple Mac Off wins, Esquire magazine called his “The Most Life-Changing Mac ‘N’ Cheese in America.” Needless to say, Crave is not to be missed. Be on the look out for their food truck, Mac Daddy, as well, making appearences all over the area! 

(Photos courtesy of cravekitchenandcockails.com and themacoff.com)

Honorable Mentions for Best Mac and Cheese: Cru Cafe, Rarebit, Poogan's Porch

Best Pancakes: Three little birds 

I am convinced that Three Little Birds is one of Charleston's best kept secrets. After stumbling upon it by chance one morning, it has become my go-to breakfast spot. Though the menu is extensive and covers everything from specialty omelets to challah bread french toast, what they're really known for is their pancakes. My personal favorite is the granola maple stack, but Three Little Birds makes a variety of unbelievable pancakes, ranging from banana pecan to pumpkin in the fall, plus daily specials. Just over the bridge in West Ashley, it's a little off the beaten path for Downtown dwellers, but believe me, this place is a breakfast lover's paradise. 

Honorable Mentions for Best Panacakes: The Early Bird Diner, Hominy Grill, Eli's Table, Feathertop, Charleston Cafe.


Spring Pantone Colors 2017

Every fall and spring, Pantone releases a color trend report. The "it" colors for the season will pop up everywhere from clothing to home goods! This spring, the mix consists of soft pastels as well as bright, fun colors. Using the Spring 2017 list, we've created a curated set of goods to inspire you this season - hello color!

Spring 2017 Pantone Color inspiration board



niagra dress


Groove Thing Slate Blue Swing Dress



Pale Dogwood

Kendra Scott

'Danielle-Large' Oval Statement Earrings




nail polish


On the roadie- Vibrant Green Nail Polish



Island Blue

Island Blue Vase

Lord and Taylor

Kate Spade Posy Court Medium Vase



Primrose Yellow

Primrose yellow writing desk


Modway Furniture Writing Desk



Pink Yarrow

pink pillow

Zinc Door

Jaipur Traditions Made Modern Max Anemone Decorative Pillow




hazelnut shoes


Soludos Panda Embroidered Platform Smoking Slipper




kale sunglasses

Blue and Cream

Oliver Peoples L.A. Coen Sun 49 Green




j crew shirt

J. Crew

J. Crew Long Sleeve Off the Shoulder Top



Lapis Blue

blue pots


Simplemente Delicioso Arte Gourmet 8-pc. Cookware Set


We hope you find some fun inspiration for your home and wardrobe this spring!
For more color inspiration, check out our Love for Color board on Pinterest!