3 Tips on How to Gift Package Like a Boss!

Today Melissa Bowman, from The Blue Root, is taking over the blog and teaching us how to package our gifts like a pro! It is all about making the gift presentation just as exciting as the gift! 

Gift Packaging Tips
Melissa Bowman of the Blue Root
Photos by Jennifer Collins Photography

Photos by Jennifer Collins Photography

ALSO! We've collaborated with The Blue Root to create a limited edition gift set! (pictured above) It features our 2018 Flower Box calendar, Pineapple mug, Charleston Christmas card, & Ripple Coffee! Purchase the gift box on her website or win one on our Instagram this coming Monday! 

3 Tips on How to Gift Package Like A Boss:


The holidays have always held a special place in my heart. It is a time to be with loved ones, to celebrate, and to bestow gifts to all of the special people in my life. But while I don't need a holiday to get creative with gift wrapping, they do make it easier to think outside of the box (literally!!) and to create a gift that is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. I truly believe that the packaging can elevate your gift instantly making whatever is inside even more special. Here are my three top tips to help make your gifts eye-catching and beautiful:

1. The Vessel

I own a gift box business so obviously this is very important to me. I realize that budget can be an issue but finding a reusable vessel to hold your gift adds another level. It doesn't have to be expensive! Go to a craft store and look for plain muslin or canvas bags, heavy paper machete boxes or even a wire basket. Most of these can be purchased for under $10 and will remind the recipient of you every time they use it. 

Photo by Jennifer Collins Photography

Photo by Jennifer Collins Photography

2. The Ribbon

Ahh, the ribbon. I remember helping my mother wrap gifts for Christmas as a child and curling yard and yards of gift wrap ribbon. The plastic feeling material was easy to tie and it was very inexpensive but it's impossible to get it off without cutting it or ruining the wrapping paper. Do yourself a favor and "splurge” on some real fabric ribbon. There is just something so special about presenting a gift with a beautifully tied bow that someone can gracefully undo. Double faced satin is my favorite and adds an elegant touch, but organza or sheer ribbon are great options as well. I have seen many varieties at the dollar store but if budget is a concern you can even use yarn. In fact, for one Christmas I used nothing but craft paper to wrap all of our gifts in and yarn was the perfect touch! If you do choose fabric ribbon, don't forget to trim the ends. An inverted V or diagonal cut will help keep the ends of your ribbon from fraying and finishes off the look.

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography

3. The Enhancements

At this point, your gift will look amazing in a reusable box or container and has a lovely ribbon to match but to really take it to the next level you can add a coordinating decoration to the gift. It’s wonderful if what you choose can give a hint as to what is inside but the most important thing is to match the theme of the gift wrap and ribbon. Get creative! In the past I have used small starfish, branches, and even candy. The holidays are the best time to find lovely adornments all over your home. Keep some branches from your christmas tree clippings or find an ornament or floral pick to add. The sky is the limit! Have fun and happy wrapping!

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography

Photo by Caroline Edwards of Tiny Stars Photography


Melissa Bowman
The Blue Root


A Guide to Lower King Street: Part 2

Over the next few weeks, we will be running a three part series featuring some of our favorite spots on lower King Street in Charleston. For those not familiar, this is the district of King Street between Market and Broad Street. It is a quaint part of King full of unique finds, including the Texture Design Co. shop! Follow along as we explore the area right around us!

Be sure to visit last week's Part 1 post that explores the variety of clothing boutiques in the Lower King district.

Foodie Spots

This week we are highlighting a few of Lower King's wonderful restaurants and eateries. Here in Charleston we are spoiled with great food, and our neighbors are no exception!

A. Bull Street Gourmet

Bull Street Gourmet is located at 120 King Street.

Bull Street is a long-time favorite of mine! This spot is great because it is truly a one-stop-shop - serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee as well as housing an impressive beer and wine market, making it the perfect place to grab a breakfast sandwich to start the day or pick up a bottle of wine on the way home. The menu boasts a vast array of soups, sandwiches and salads, and the market side is also stocked with a selection of gourmet groceries and fresh produce. As if that weren't enticing enough, I have been known to claim Bull Street's own Counter Culture coffee roast as one of my favorites in the city. @bullstreetgourmetcharleston


B. Fulton Five

Fulton Five is located at 5 Fulton Street off of King Street.

Just a few steps from King Street, Fulton Five is one of Charleston's most treasured restaurants. After being voted the city's "Most Romantic Restaurant" 17 years in a row, there's a reason why people are making reservations months in advance - Fulton Five's authentic Italian cuisine and cozy, candlelit atmosphere are the stuff of dreams. While the menu is a little on the pricier side, think of this white-tablecloth venue for your next special occasion - after just one phenomenal visit a few years ago, I have been longing to go back ever since. 


C. Bin 152

Bin 152 is located at 152 King Street.

Nestled amongst the many galleries and antique shops on Lower King is Bin 152, a warmly lit wine bar with offerings by the glass and the bottle. Open late with charcuterie and cheese boards up for grabs as well, Bin 152 is the perfect meeting place for friends, and an excellent spot for after dinner drinks. @bin152winebar


D. Kitchen 208

Kitchen 208 is located at 208 King Street.

Brunch lovers rejoice: as one of the only restaurants on King Street with ample patio seating and and all-day weekend breakfast menu, Kitchen 208 is a local favorite. While the vibe is on the fast and casual side, the food is to just as enticing as the breezy outdoor dining area. Boasting an endless menu of biscuits, waffles and eggs in the am and a slew of salads and sandwiches for lunch, Kitchen 208 promises to be a bright and sunny spot in any Charleston morning or afternoon, and a wonderful pit stop for those spending the day shopping on King! @kitchen208


E. City Lights Coffee

City Lights is located at 141 Market Street. (right around the corner from King Street)

Located just around the corner from our shop, City Lights is definitely a favorite of the Texture team. Serving up espresso, tea, and pastries in their tiny wood-paneled shop on Market Street, City Lights is one of the sweetest and coziest spots in the Holy City for a good caffeine fix. The staff is incredibly friendly and lattes are nothing short of blissful, making this the perfect place for working or meeting. @citylightscoffee

We hope you enjoyed Part 2 of Exploring Lower King Street! Be sure to check back next week for the final portion of our district tour!


Our Partnership with Charleston's One80 Place

If you purchased one of our 2017 Charleston flowerbox calendars or prints this season, you might have noticed that a portion of the proceeds went to an organization called One80 Place, based right here in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. It is so easy to notice all the beauty in a city like ours (which Emily has depicted so well in these products!), but if you look a little closer, it’s impossible to miss the need that exists here as well. While capturing the charm of Charleston’s homes, we knew that there were many people in our city still struggling to meet basic needs, such as food and shelter. So, rather than just noticing the need, we wanted to do something to help. That’s why we decided to partner with One80 Place.

Entry into the main building at 0ne80 Place.

A few weeks ago, Emily and I were fortunate enough to tour One80 Place’s downtown campus. It’s safe to say we were blown away – the facility is so much more than just a homeless shelter, as one might think. The vision behind the nonprofit organization is not just to provide individuals and families with beds for a night, but rather, equip them with the tools to get back on their feet. This includes everything from legal help, job training, counseling, education opportunities and access to medical treatment, just to name a few of the incredible services offered on site. The end goal, we learned, is to end homelessness in Charleston all together. While this may seem like a lofty aspiration, after witnessing first hand all that One80 place is doing for this community, I believe wholeheartedly that a real, tangible difference is being made.

The main building includes the kitchen, cafeteria, medical wing, men's housing, men's veterans space, laundry, and conference room.

Our tour was lead by Vice President of Operations John Masters, one of many passionate team members, whose enthusiasm and heart for the project were nothing short of contagious. He walked us through the entire campus (which is still growing and expanding to include more space for housing and childcare, for example), comprised of a handful of building devoted to various aspects of the mission. While it provides shelter to roughly 160 people on a nightly basis, One80 place also houses a complete health care facility, community kitchen, education and professional training center, as well an entire wing devoted to serving the specific needs of veterans.

We left One80 Place that day feeling completely inspired – the measures being taken by the staff, volunteers, and supporters of the shelter are doing more to change the lives of people in the community than I can express. We at Texture Design Co. are beyond humbled to play even the smallest role in the amazing work being done there! A portion of the proceeds from our flowerbox prints and calendars will continue to go towards this organization, but if you want to learn more about One80 Place or find out how to get involved, click here.


2017 Calendar: Behind the Scenes

Our Flower Boxes of Charleston 2017 Calendar is now available for pre-order! This might be my favorite project to date! Some of you may have seen my #WednesdayWalks posts on Instagram, and if so you know that my walk to work involves the most beautiful scenery! Every single day I pass these gorgeous homes with exquisite flower boxes. I got to thinking it would be awesome to have a calendar featuring these unique flower arrangements!

Here we are a few months later, and I'm so excited about the final product! Between now and October 10th, you can pre-order at a discounted rate. So don't wait! Get yours soon!

Today I'm sharing a little of the behind-the-scenes! My friend Melissa Griffin (of Melissa Griffin Photography) graciously rode around with me taking pictures. Thank you Melissa! Just imagine me continuously stopping the car for her to jump out, take a picture, and jump back in! Be glad you weren't behind us! #goodtimes

I later went back out and took a few more pictures on my own. I love seeing the photograph next to the drawing! A special thank you to the flower box designers for their help in the process! Garden Elegance Landscaping Services, Jen Stringer Obi of Living Colors, and Kelli Shaw Designs were a huge part of bringing this calendar together! 

Love the colors on the house above! ^ One of my favorite things about the calendar is that you can frame all of the artwork when you're done! Each drawing is sized to be trimmed for an 8 x 10 frame! 
Don't forget to pre-order before October 10th! 

Emily Kirby

The Shop Reveal!

If you saw our post three weeks ago, you know we're opening a shop in downtown Charleston! We've been working hard to get the space ready for visitors! And finally we have an opening date...


218B King Street
Charleston, South Carolina
10am to 5pm Monday-Saturday

2nd Floor above Nine West Shoes

Lots of elbow grease and paint were required to get this room ready for customers, but it was so rewarding to see it come together. And thankfully, we had lots of help from wonderful family and friends. As promised, here are photos of the before and after!

Big difference from the original gold painted walls! Right?! Thank you so much for your encouragement in the process! Please, please come by and say hi! 

Emily Kirby