Creative Collaboration with Kate Waddell Art

If you follow Texture Design on Instagram, you've seen some of our recent posts showcasing the new collaboration with Kate Waddell Art! A few months ago, I interviewed Kate on the blog, and I was just so impressed with her work. We started discussing a line of cards for her artwork, and here we are today with a full line of paper goods!

All of the items above are available through the Texture Design Co. Etsy shop

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.16.27 PM.png

BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE! We also collaborated on a calendar! Each month will include a sketch by @katewaddellart that will fits an 8x10 frame. It will be filled with fruit, flowers, vases, pattern and color!It will be available for order in the next two weeks! (Follow Texture Design Co. on Instagram for updates!)

Thank you all for following along! More collaborations coming your way in the future!
Emily Kirby

Follow Friday: Kate Waddell

Do you need some bold, bright color in your life!? If so, get excited about today's #FollowFriday account! A few months ago I stumbled upon Kate Waddell's Instagram feed, and I'm so glad I did! This talented young lady is creating beautiful paintings that are strikingly colorful and fun! Check out more of her story below and be sure to add her to your news feed as well!


Medium: Acrylic, Gauche and Oil (mixed media) 
Studio Location: Charleston, SC

TDC: Briefly tell us what led you to pursue painting. Did you know for a while that you wanted to be an artist?
Kate: I've always been a creative thinker and since a very young age I felt the need to cultivate it. My older sister, who also paints, has a collection of hundreds of drawings I would make for her daily. (Helen Brooks Art- check her out!) So, for a while I knew I would be drawn to pursue a creative lifestyle. 

TDC: How would you describe your painting style?
Kate: My style stems from the Fauvism movement as seen through my color choices, bold shape and lines. Cezanne highly influences my work- studying his technique towards the end of his career is where I really got the foundation for my style. Painting enough for the human eye to detect the subject is something that always has me wanting to paint more and more. 

TDC: When it is time to decide the subject of your next painting or series, how do you make that decision? What does that creative process look like for you?
Kate: Right now I wait and see which subjects sell the most or get the most response. Then from that subject I paint different variations of it & try to push creativity as the series progresses. It's always fascinating to look at the first piece next to the last. It's encouraging! 

TDC: What is your favorite aspect of being an artist?
Kate: You'd never know it from my clothing choices, but color is the main reason that I love being an artist. I remember taking my first real painting class 3 years ago and being in awe at the infinite array of color possibilities. I see the Lord everyday through colors that I will accidentally mix and generally in all the gorgeous creation that surrounds us. 

TDC: You currently paint from the Redux Studios in Charleston, what is it like working alongside several other great artists? Do you all offer each other feedback? Tell us a little about that creative environment.
Kate: Redux is such an inspiring place to paint out of. It encourages all kinds of creativity, and thanks to all the studio artists, it constantly widens the scope for creative possibilities. There's a healthy level of competition, but more so of an encouraging environment! 

TDC: Do you know yet when your next big art release will be?!
Kate: My next online release will be in late November! I'll be doing more variations of fruit & flowers / fruit stand scenes. Currently working on commissions and pieces for my next show in Columbus, GA on October 1st. 

TDC: Having grown up in Columbus, Georgia, how did you find yourself in Charleston, South Carolina?
Kate: College of Charleston is the only college I applied to, and luckily I got accepted early! Then I visited and fell immediately in love with the city. I graduated this past May, and I'll be here for a while I'm hoping. 

Kate Waddell Art on Pinterest

TDC: Always a hard question for people, but what is your favorite Charleston area restaurant right now?
Kate: I love Dellz Uptown more than anything.

(Thank you Kate! Love your work and so excited for what the future holds for you!) Head over to Kate's Instagram and Website to see more of her artwork!

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Emily Kirby

Emily Kirby

People to Follow: Melissa Griffin Photography

Happy #FollowFriday! 'm so excited to share this interview with you! Melissa Griffin is an incredible young lady, and I'm proud to call her one of my close friends. She and I started our creative businesses around the same time, and it has been awesome to watch each other grow! She has been the camera behind several of Texture Design's photo shoots. (So I can highly recommend her!) Another side note, Melissa was one of my first logo and website clients--always thankful for those first clients that take a chance on you! Recently, Melissa opened an ETSY SHOP stocked full of stunning photographs! SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! So check out the shop and read below to hear more of Melissa's story! 

Photos of Melissa by Leah's Opus Photography

Etsy Shop:  MelissaGriffinPhoto 
Owner: Melissa Griffin
Product and/or Service: Photography Sessions and Fine Art Prints 

TDC: Briefly tell us what led you to become interested in photography?

MGP:  I’ve had an interest in art for as long as I can remember.  When I was young I’d fill sketch books with drawings.  As I got into high school I began taking photography classes which I loved and continued into college.  I’m not a super creative person who is able to come up with something from nothing.   But I enjoy photography because I’ve learned (and am learning) how to find light, colors, textures, etc and arrange them in a way that creates a striking image.  I NEVER thought I’d take photos of people.  But once I started doing it, I fell in love with it.  A positive response from a mother who sees a candid of their children or a granddaughter seeing a photo of her grandparents smiling at each other makes my day.  It’s so humbling that people let me into these personal moments and milestones in their lives!  And it’s a privilege to know that these photos are one of the few material possessions that they will have forever.

TDC: What types of photography sessions do you offer?

MGP:  I offer everything from engagement and maternity sessions to senior portraits and family photos.  It’s fun to start with a couple when they are pregnant then take pictures of their newborn and again as the baby grows up!  I enjoy having repeat clients who I get to know while watching their family grow.  I just worked with a family for the third time and found out they have to move from Charleston to Seattle soon.  We’re planning on taking family photos in Seattle when I travel there next year!  I love that.

TDC: Now that it is summer, a lot of families are interested in beach photography sessions. Do you work with families coming to Charleston for vacation?

MGP:  Absolutely!  I’ve worked with several families who live out of town.  They found me online and contacted me to take their photos of their immediate or extended family after they all arrive in Charleston.  It’s been fun to stay in Charleston but work with people from Nashville, New York, and other places.  Vacation is a great time to do family photos because everyone is together and there aren’t a bunch of other “real life” distractions around.

TDC: We all worry about what to wear for photo shoots. Do you have any recommendations for outfits? Any suggestions when there is a large group of people? Are there colors or patterns you would recommend avoiding?

MGP:  Definitely wear something that’s comfortable and YOU!  I like layering – necklaces, scarves, jewelry, etc.  I think simple patterns and solid colors work well.  You don’t want a super crazy pattern that takes attention away from your face!  For large groups, coordinating colors and patterns are good but not matchy-matchy.  Don’t put everyone in khakis and white ;)  I like fun pops of colors too like a necklace or a fun pair of shoes.

TDC: Tell us what led you to open an Etsy shop. (And congrats on the new shop!)

MGP:  Thank you so much!  This has been in the works for quite awhile.  I have wanted to open an Etsy shop for some time because I had images from trips that were just sitting on my computer.  Earlier this year I did a series of Charleston church images, and when I started posting them I had a really positive response.  People started asking if I sold them, and I had a few people ask if they could purchase them for wedding gifts.  That was the push I needed to make the shop a reality.  I’m currently selling 8x10 prints on paper and a few metal prints that are unique pieces to hang in your home or to give as gifts.  I’m looking forward to continuing to update my shop and making connections with different people.

TDC: Can you share a little background or history behind some of the photos in your shop? Are the photos mostly Charleston sites?

MGP:  Most of the photos are from the Charleston area.  I’ve lived here for 8 years now, so I have lots of photos that I’ve taken during that time.  There are so many inspiring and beautiful places here to photograph!  I also have a travel bug.  I went on my first trip to Europe in 2007 and since then have been to Australia, India and back to Europe again.  Looking at a photo will bring me right back to the place I took it so my images from my travels are really special to me.  I’ve listed some of these images in my shop as well.

TDC: During your years of photography, is there a picture that you’ve taken that stands out as your favorite? 

MGP:  I really don’t have one favorite image, I could never choose!  But I can think of two that stand out to me right now. 

One is a photo I took of two boys in India [Pictured above].  We visited their school and they were running away from me and giggling while I attempted to take their photo.  They finally sat down at a table in one of their classrooms and both smiled at me.  Their little faces just remind me of the sweet, humble and playful children we met while visiting Kolkata.  I was so grateful that I was able to go on that trip.  It was eye opening and life changing.

The second is the photograph that I took of the Mother Emanuel church back in January [Pictured above next to wood doors]. At that time, of course, I never imagined that such a tragedy could happen in this city in that beautiful church.  As soon as I heard the news I found the image I took and re-posted it with the Bible verse, “Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you” from Psalm 55:22.  Now that I look at this image again after these shocking events, the angle of the church reaching to the blue sky symbolizes hope to me.  And I think that HOPE has been represented in the words and actions of the victims’ families and the church members at AME.

I've posted two images of the AME church on my Etsy shop and 100% of the profits I make from the sales of these two photos will go toward the Mother Emanuel Hope Fun.

TDC: Favorite Charleston restaurant right now?  (hard question!)

MGP:  That IS a hard question!  I love trying out new Charleston restaurants and lately it’s been hard to keep up!  Two of my favorites right now are Minero on East Bay Street and Leon’s on Upper King.  Both have a fun atmosphere and everything I’ve tasted at each place is delicious! 


Thank you Melissa for your time! Be sure to follow MGP on Instagram as well!

GUESS WHAT ELSE? Melissa is offering a 10% discount to Texture Design Co. followers!
Just use the coupon code below when checking out on Etsy. (Expires 7.17.15)

Coupon Code: TEXTURE 

Who do you recommend following? What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts? I would love for you to share them in the comments section!

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