Why They Call Charleston the Holy City


Have you seen Texture Design's latest set of Charleston notecards and prints? 


Here is the background story for our new items! My friend, who is an amazing photographer (Melissa Griffin Photography), invited me on a trip to take pictures of some of the historic churches in downtown Charleston.  The resulting photos definitely inspired our new cards and prints!

If you aren't familiar with the city, it is known for its multitude of BEAUTIFUL churches. The skyline is full of steeples popping up among the other buildings. Many people reference it as the Holy City. I did a little research, and this nickname also points to the city's early history. Among the original thirteen colonies, Charleston was one of the few to offer religious tolerance. Therefore, a variety of denominations and congregations found their home in the city and built some of the most beautiful and unique houses of worship!

So here is a brief view of our lovely photography outing. I'm not a professional! But the good thing is that I have fun anyway! (I also really enjoy the photo editing afterwards!)

(not a church, but I wish it was my home!)

(This is what my next office door will look like!)

Here is my friend Melissa--laughing because she didn't want me to take her picture! Sadly it is out of focus on her face! But she still looks adorable. Thankfully the cup of water is in focus! (ugh) We made a stop at Whisk for some yummy cookies and lemonade. You can't be creative on an empty stomach!

(another fabulous door)

(sweet little mailbox)

And we end with this beautiful old cemetery!

Be sure to check out the rest of our new Charleston items in the Etsy Shop! And happy Friday!!


5 Inspiring Blogs: When You Need A Little Break

Who doesn't love looking at pretty pictures and creative ideas?! Some days you just need a breather or a little inspiration. Below are my favorite blogs to visit when my creativity is waning. Some offer great tips, others suggest great products, and a few provide realistic DIY projects! When I need a to take a little time out, these are my "go-to" sites. (If you were needing a break right now, you're welcome!)

Jones Design Company

Emily Jones writes this blog about home decor, graphic design, life, and her faith. I feel like she and I could be best friends, lol. Which I guess says that she is a good blog writer! She has fabulous DIY projects and fun freebies available! I also enjoy reading her perspectives on life.  @jonesdesigncompany

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Nole Garey launched this blog in 2008, and it has exploded. It offers a variety of "entertaining ideas, diy ideas, wedding invitation features, baby products, and home decor inspiration." I love visiting the blog because it always has something new. They post 2-4 times a day! Perfect for all your needed breaks! @beautifulpaper

Elle & Company Design

The Elle & Co. blog has so many useful tips for people in the creative industry. For example, one of the recent blogs is on SEO optimization! I probably need to go read it. But not only is the content very useful, it is always displayed in a beautiful manner! So it actually makes me want to read it! ha! @laurenelizhook

Ashley Brooke Designs

 My favorite thing about ABD is the constant splash of color! I follow Ashley on Instagram because every day is a big bright serving of color! She writes about her design projects, her style, and her favorite products. @ashleybrookedesigns

Look Linger Love

This is a new favorite for me. I love her fashion and decor suggestions. But I especially appreciate her posts about Charleston! (great person to follow on Instagram!) @looklingerlove

So that about sums up my "go-to" sites right now! When I need that mental break, these ladies sure do offer some beautiful photography and fun ideas!


Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Bows


Brown paper packages tied up with bows, these are a few of my favorite things....

We had a little gift wrap party with Texture friends! It was definitely a few of my favorite things: good friends, great conversations, yummy snacks and pretty packages.

O U R   G O A L

To brainstorm some fun Christmas gift wrapping ideas. We used the Texture Design Downloadable Christmas gift tags, various craft supplies, and some leaves from the yard. It was definitely more fun to wrap gifts with friends and get a little "out of the box" with our gift wrapping. Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire  you!

First, I scoured the yard for some fun leaves and berries. I also bought a few fake berries in case the real berries weren't looking too good. Then I picked up some different yarns, bakers twine, and ribbon.

Our supplies also included different markers, white gel pen, white stamp pad, cookie cutter for possible tracing and wasabi tape. Since we were using kraft paper, the options were endless!

We just sat down and started brainstorming, and I would say we were pretty excited with the results. (not to mention we had a great time chatting while wrapping).

For the gift below, our friend Emily paired two tags together for added pattern and color. She created a very elegant package with the use of the sheer ribbon and berries. The twine gives it a little added texture as well. Note, we did use hot glue to keep the leaves and berries on most of the gifts. That seemed to work the best for us.

For the package above, two tags were stuck together and hole punched on the sides for looping the twine through!

I love how this package turned out. It was like the kraft paper was a blank canvas. Our friend Kait used yarn to create a pattern on the left of the package. Then she added wasabi tape and a leaf with a hand written note. So many textures! Who wouldn't smile if they received this in the mail or under the tree?! (see close up of the multi color yarn below)

For this package, I used the eraser on a pencil as my stamp and created a little polka dot design on a package. It looks like it took me forever, but it really only took me a minute or two! Pretty cool look in just a few minutes. Add a little green yarn and tag...boom!

If you're thinking these look a little complicated or too time consuming, it isn't true! We did each gift in minutes! I'm excited to put them under the christmas tree!

If you're interested in using tags like ours, check out the Texture Design listing for Downloadable Christmas Tags. You can immediately download three pages of gift tags to use however you like! It is around 35 tags that you can print as many times as needed!

Feel free to leave comments or send pictures of how you've decorated your Christmas gifts in unique ways! Have a a great day!

(I do need to thank our friends, Kait and Emily for their gift wrap help and hand modeling!)