Valentine's Cookie Decorating Party

As mentioned in the last post, Texture Design Co. was helping to host a Valentine's Cookie Decorating Party. My talented friend came up with the party idea of decorating cookies for the purpose of making Valentines to give to others. It was a fun excuse to get together, eat sugar, laugh, and be creative! We were able to use the FREE DOWNLOADABLE VALENTINE PARTY INVITATION to send to the guests. Then we provided heart-shaped cookies, colored icing and sprinkles for each person to create their own fabulous Valentine cookies! It was so, so, so much fun! (Or perhaps that is my sugar high talking!)

To create goodie bags for the decorated cookies, we purchased little bags from Michaels Craft Store. The gift tags are from our Etsy shop. You can download a sheet of different tags for $2.00. (Print them as many times as you like!) We tied ours up with red bakers twine.

Don't they look great!?! I think everyone involved had fun with it. And any ugly cookies were quickly eaten! :) Be sure to check out the FREE Valentine Party Invitation from our last post. To purchase Valentine's Day Gift Tags or Valentine's Day Cards visit our Etsy shop

Have a great day!

Free Valentine's Day Party Invitations

Do you remember your elementary school days when the Valentine's Day party was one of the best days of the year?! You made little mailboxes, people gave your cards, moms brought delicious snacks, and you went home with enough candy to keep you stocked for a few months! GOOD.TIMES.

Why not have your own Valentine's party this year? Texture Design Co. is giving you FREE invitations so you can start planning today! See the link at the bottom to download your printable PDF. 

A friend of mine, who happens to be a fabulous baker, is helping me host a Valentines Cookie Decorating party. Our plan is to make valentines to give to others! You can see our prep below. We will have heart shaped cookies and icing so that friends can decorate their own cookies. We'll also provide little bags with ribbon and Texture Design Co. Valentines's Gift Tags. Guests can put together cute, little Valentine cookie packages to give to their friends, co-workers, or their boo! (We bought our cookie bags at Michaels.)

We'll also have Texture Design Co. Valentine Cards available for people to write notes. Eat cookies, decorate cookies, write sweet notes, hang out with friends, and eat more cookies...YES PLEASE!

Click the links below to download your free party invitation PDF.
Invitations fit in A7 Envelope!

I'll be sure to post more pictures after our party! Visit our Etsy shop to stock up on Valentine's Day cards and gift tags! Thanks for following along!