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Today's #FollowFriday is all about screen printing and creativity! I got very excited when I found Flood & Print on Instagram. Why? This Mount Pleasant, SC based shop offers screen printing services, beach-inspired apparel AND SCREEN PRINTING CLASSES. I'm already trying to decide which class I will take! Keep reading to learn more about the shop!


Product/Service: Screen Printing and Apparel
Location: 426 Broadway St, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

TDC: Briefly tell us what led to the opening of Flood & Print. What were you doing prior to Flood & Print?
FAP: I was born an old soul, and an overly creative one.  Sometimes I think, and anyone who knows me would agree, that maybe the extra creative juices took up the space in my brain for rational thought and fear and organizational skills.  I wore a lot of different hats before Flood & Print in several different industries, and I have an educational background that began in biochemical engineering and culminated in interior design.  I have always had this overwhelming urge to learn how to do as much with my own two hands as I possibly can. Throughout my work life I learned that what I am most passionate about is people. Take that and fast forward:  I was about to sell my house and move to Atlanta to take on the big city when a nagging in my heart urged me to take the big leap and do something bigger.  Luckily (remember the no fear thing) I'm not afraid of a challenge, so together with my best friends we embarked on this crazy adventure from literally the most humble of beginnings, and here we are less than a year later!

Flood & Print is the melting pot of all of those experiences and creativity.  Here we get to be a part of so many businesses, and we get to help them tell their stories and express their creativity.  Our clients are doing amazing things, and that is why we  strive every day to continue building an environment of collaboration and creative education. There is nothing in the world that beats the look on a kids face when you teach them how to screen print--nothing.  And one day, that little kid will have a dream and a business, and the tools to think creatively and a little more independently in this digital age. So that's the why.

TDC: What types of screen-printing services do you offer? What kind of products/materials can customers have their designs screen-printed onto?
FAP: We print everything here in house.  A majority of our printing is on t-shirts and apparel. We also print koozies, tote bags, towels etc. as well as prints and posters. If you ever have a question about whether or not we can print on something just ask! We've printed onesies, dog shirts, designer fabric and everything in between.  We'll either print it for you or find someone who can!

TDC: You are also going to offer screen-printing classes! How will the classes be set up, and how can people sign up?  
FAP: We will be making all of our classes live this week on the website.  All you need to do is visit and look at the class calendar, find a class you like and then you can register for the class right there.  We have a wide variety of classes, but most range from 1-2 hrs here in our shop off of Coleman.  Sign up with a friend, bring your own beer, wine, refreshments and learn how to screen print!  You'll leave with some new skills and some really fun swag that you print yourself.

TDC: Love your logo! What was the inspiration for the name Flood & Print?
FAP: Thank you! We actually have a really fun shirt that explains our name.  Basically the flood stroke and the print stroke are the two main motions in screen printing; we combined that with our love for Charleston and the coast, and it seemed like the perfect fit. 

TDC: Your website mentions the companies commitment to “turning the tide.” Can you share a little more about what that means for Flood & Print?
FAP: Turning the tide is our commitment to giving back to the communities we love; one being our physical community, and the other being the growing community of artists, makers, and skilled laborers in Charleston.  Currently our online sales allow us to provide printing, shirts, and classes to non-profits, charities, and schools/churches at free or reduced pricing. Supporting local and small businesses is both important to our local economy and near to our hearts and we have big goals and dreams for expanding this commitment to more directly support and grow the artisan community in Charleston. Our first step in that direction will come with the opening of our new retail shop this month, which will allow us to add some really exciting additions to our program which I can' t announce quite yet!

TDC: Flood & Print also has an online shop stocked with fun coastal shirts and tanks. Do you have a current favorite design?
FAP: I love to have fun with the designs and the humor in our shirts.  My favorites are the ones I get to draw by hand, it's really exciting seeing them come to life in color on a shirt for the first time. The octopus will always have a special place in my heart as our unofficial mascot.

TDC: Favorite restaurant in the Charleston area? (I know it is a very hard question!)
FAP: I know it's old school but I would have to say that my happy place is the back bar at Shem Creek Bar & Grill with an oyster shooter and a fresh squeezed mimosa. 

(Thank you Courtney! Love the concept of Flood & Print!) 
Head over to Flood & Print's Instagram and Website to follow along!

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Emily Kirby

Emily Kirby