2018 Charleston Gift Guide

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

For December’s blog post, we are sharing a list of Christmas gifts with the utmost southern charm. After all it is the season of giving! And what better way to kick off this season of selflessness than to support local businesses while giving someone you know something they’d love?! And yes, that is a shoutout to that feeling when you know you nailed a gift for someone and you can’t wait for them to open it. Maybe this person you love is local, maybe they love Charleston, or maybe they have always wanted to visit. Either way, these gifts are both Charleston made and Charleston inspired, and they are looking to be loved by the ones you love both near and far!

Charleston Gift Guide including Locally Made goods


The Very Charleston book by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler is the perfect something for someone who dreams of visiting Charleston or falls in love with its charm everyday. It offers beautiful illustrations of the ins and outs of this stunning city, and can be purchased at Lulu Burgess on King St.

Charleston Gift Ideas - Very Charleston

Charleston Gift Ideas - Earrings


J. Mills is a Charleston local jeweler, and you can find her delicate pieces at Lulu Burgess on King St. Her jewelry features lots of sea-blues and iridescent accents inspired by the Charleston’s coastal lowcountry.


Our friends at Charleston Candle Co. create beautiful hand-poured soy candles! Each scent is inspired by the delightful aromas of the southeast. For example, the Church Street candle offers the lovely smell of Jasmine reminiscent of a downtown stroll. Available for purchase at The Community.

Photo by Julie Livingston Photography

Photo by Julie Livingston Photography

Charleston Gift Ideas


Charleston is pretty sweet; however, Charleston’s Own Salt Water Taffy is even sweeter! This would make a great housewarming or hostess gift. The taffies feature bright pastels similar to the colors of the Holy City, and flavors that are just as yummy as they are pretty!


This Hemming Birds clutch is very bright, very floral, and very Charleston! The play on pastels and rich floral hues capture the flower-filled, colorful tones throughout the city. Even on rainy days it is hard for this city to not feel colorful! This is another local maker, and her clutch’s and baby bibs can be found at The Community.

Charleston Gift Ideas - locally made clutch

Charleston Gift Ideas - locally made earrings


Br. Design Co. at Cannonborough Collective brings you these lovely, Charleston green statement piece earrings. We do not do anything subtle here in this colorful city, and these bold statement earrings are no exception! Both contemporary and charming, these earrings will have heads turning.


Start your day off extra bright (pun-intended) and early , with Texture Design Co.’s Rainbow Row mug. It will add color to any muggy wintery day, and is perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, eggnog, or tea. The mug can be purchased on our website and in store at Lulu Burgess Boutique or Cannonborough Collective.

Charleston Gift Ideas - rainbow row mug

Charleston Gift Ideas - Callie's biscuits


Nothing says southern like biscuits, and what could be better than sweet potato biscuits! Send a package of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits to your friends or better yet, grab a gift card to Callie’s restaurant Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit.


Who doesn’t love a great T-shirt, especially when it comes in a mint color AND features your favorite city!? Yep, pretty much in love with this Tee by Graefic Design. Check out more of her products at Cannonborough Collective.

Charleston Gift Ideas - chs t shirt

Charleston Gift Ideas - pineapple dog collar


And for all the dog-lovers, what could be cuter than this Charleston-inspired pineapple dog collar by CrewLaLa?! Purchase a coordinating bow or bow-tie for a little added flair! Visit their store in West Ashley or shop at Cannonborough Collective downtown!

We hope you have a very merry and cozy holiday season!


Follow Friday: My Little Bug Boutique

There is nothing cuter than a little baby girl with a precious bow in her hair! Am I right or am I right?! Today's #FollowFriday is a friend of mine who makes the sweetest hair bows for little girls! She sows and assembles all of them at her house here in Charleston, SC. I've already bought a few for my nieces because I think they are the perfect gift! Continue reading to find out more about My Little Bug Boutique.

My Little Bug Boutique

Owner: Avery Raley
Products: Hair Accessories, Bows

TDC: First of all, what inspired the name, My Little Bug Boutique?
MLBB: Like most funny nicknames, this one sort of just “happened”. I think when our daughter, Elliotte, was probably around a year old or so, I started calling her all sorts of variations of “bug”. Little bug, bug-a-boo, silly bug, etc. When I decided I wanted to open an Etsy shop, naming it after her just seemed appropriate. She’s the little bug behind the boutique!

TDC: Tell us a little about your background and what lead you to open up your shop!
MLBB: Ever since we found out we were having a little girl, I was giddy about being able to dress her up in ruffles and bows, even though I’m not super girly myself. It’s just so much fun! We were gifted a lot of bows when she was first born, but as she outgrew them I found myself missing having all the different colored bows to match each and every outfit (high priority, obviously). In an effort to save money, I decided to try and make her some bows myself. I found that as a stay at home mom, I actually really enjoyed the creative outlet of making the bows and how customizable they were. Fast forward about one year and a sewing machine later and I thought opening up my own shop might a great way to help contribute to my family financially while also doing something I enjoy!

Classic Spring Bows

Classic Spring Bows

TDC: Do you currently have a favorite item in the shop right now? 
MLBB: It changes weekly! I’d have to say currently I’m really loving the spring line of “classic” bows! I love the pastel colors and I think they’re also my favorite to put Elliotte in because they really stand out.

TDC: Your daughter is absolutely precious. She is coming up on 2 years! Do you have any tricks for keeping bows in her hair!?
MLBB: You are sweet! Well as I’m sure many other girl moms would say, keeping a bow in her hair isn’t necessarily an easy feat at this age. She’s extremely busy and she’s been known to rip her bow out and throw it on the floor, especially in the car. But I think two things specifically have been helpful in getting her to keep it on. 1) I’ve been putting bows on her since she was a newborn, so really I think she’s just used to it. She knows that if we’re going somewhere, no outfit is complete without a bow! Plus she truly loves to accessorize (hats, necklaces, you name it) so I think she enjoys that part of it too. 2) All of our clip bows in the shop have a rubber grip attached, specifically made to grip onto fine hair like many kids have and keep bows in place. That makes all the difference, especially for little ones! For the bands, the elastics we use are super soft and grow with the child so they won’t dig into their head or feel uncomfortable, making them much less likely to want to pull it off!

TDC: You also just made a very important announcement on your shop’s social media! Do tell!
MLBB: We did! …We are currently expecting our 2nd “little bug”! I am due in September and super excited to find out if we’ll have another bow wearing girl, or if we’ll need to be adding some boy bow ties to the shop!

TDC: What is one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned since being a mom?
MLBB: Oh gosh. I could write a book on that question alone. I think I’d have to say that the biggest lesson that comes to mind is that nothing is concrete! Babies, toddlers, children.. they’re always changing! As soon as you think you’ve become a pro at something, they change. As soon as you think you’ve figured something out about your child, it changes – for better or for worse! It’s a lot of learning and adapting at every age and every baby is different. And as much as I’d like to, I can’t take credit for anything she’s good at, haha. Most of it is just her personality and the way the Lord made her! I think it’s really taught to me to hold an open hand as a mom. To know that I’m not in control of anything that I just have to trust the Lord with every little thing. It’s hard to do when you naturally want to do the best, safest, most beneficial thing for your child 24/7, but it’s also quite freeing. To know that the Lord, who’s much more capable than me, is actually in perfect control!  

TDC: You’ve lived in the Charleston, SC area for about 2 years now. Can you share some of your favorite family activities to do around town?
MLBB: Hmmm. You know really we just love to be outside, especially in Charleston! Elliotte (and of course the soon to be new baby) isn’t really old enough to do a lot of “structured” activities, so the best things for us right now are just being in wide open spaces where we can explore and Elliotte can run around. We love the beach, the parks, going downtown, that sort of thing. We also love the farmers market and similar free outdoor events where we can walk around (did I say for free?) and listen to music and grab something to eat. It’s stroller friendly and no one cares if your child is making a racket!

TDC: Last but definitely not least...what is your favorite Charleston area restaurant right now?
MLBB: How does anyone pick just one? I’m gonna cheat and give two answers (okay maybe three). For me personally I’m a huge fan of Mediterranean food. So I tend to go for places like Zoe’s Kitchen or Tazikis over and over again – I know those are chains but since not everywhere has those options, I’m gonna consider them Charleston perks! For the family, we really like Taco Boy downtown! It’s super affordable, has a really fun atmosphere and it’s kid friendly (aka loud)!

Be sure to follow Avery on Instagram as she continues to grow My Little Bug Boutique! So much excitement ahead for their family. And my personal favorite bow is the green glitter. Is it cool if I wear that one?! :)

Stay tuned for our next #FollowFriday in three weeks! Hint: All the tennis pros are wearing it!

Emily Kirby

Follow Friday: Flood & Print

Today's #FollowFriday is all about screen printing and creativity! I got very excited when I found Flood & Print on Instagram. Why? This Mount Pleasant, SC based shop offers screen printing services, beach-inspired apparel AND SCREEN PRINTING CLASSES. I'm already trying to decide which class I will take! Keep reading to learn more about the shop!


Product/Service: Screen Printing and Apparel
Location: 426 Broadway St, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

TDC: Briefly tell us what led to the opening of Flood & Print. What were you doing prior to Flood & Print?
FAP: I was born an old soul, and an overly creative one.  Sometimes I think, and anyone who knows me would agree, that maybe the extra creative juices took up the space in my brain for rational thought and fear and organizational skills.  I wore a lot of different hats before Flood & Print in several different industries, and I have an educational background that began in biochemical engineering and culminated in interior design.  I have always had this overwhelming urge to learn how to do as much with my own two hands as I possibly can. Throughout my work life I learned that what I am most passionate about is people. Take that and fast forward:  I was about to sell my house and move to Atlanta to take on the big city when a nagging in my heart urged me to take the big leap and do something bigger.  Luckily (remember the no fear thing) I'm not afraid of a challenge, so together with my best friends we embarked on this crazy adventure from literally the most humble of beginnings, and here we are less than a year later!

Flood & Print is the melting pot of all of those experiences and creativity.  Here we get to be a part of so many businesses, and we get to help them tell their stories and express their creativity.  Our clients are doing amazing things, and that is why we  strive every day to continue building an environment of collaboration and creative education. There is nothing in the world that beats the look on a kids face when you teach them how to screen print--nothing.  And one day, that little kid will have a dream and a business, and the tools to think creatively and a little more independently in this digital age. So that's the why.

TDC: What types of screen-printing services do you offer? What kind of products/materials can customers have their designs screen-printed onto?
FAP: We print everything here in house.  A majority of our printing is on t-shirts and apparel. We also print koozies, tote bags, towels etc. as well as prints and posters. If you ever have a question about whether or not we can print on something just ask! We've printed onesies, dog shirts, designer fabric and everything in between.  We'll either print it for you or find someone who can!

TDC: You are also going to offer screen-printing classes! How will the classes be set up, and how can people sign up?  
FAP: We will be making all of our classes live this week on the website.  All you need to do is visit floodandprint.com and look at the class calendar, find a class you like and then you can register for the class right there.  We have a wide variety of classes, but most range from 1-2 hrs here in our shop off of Coleman.  Sign up with a friend, bring your own beer, wine, refreshments and learn how to screen print!  You'll leave with some new skills and some really fun swag that you print yourself.

TDC: Love your logo! What was the inspiration for the name Flood & Print?
FAP: Thank you! We actually have a really fun shirt that explains our name.  Basically the flood stroke and the print stroke are the two main motions in screen printing; we combined that with our love for Charleston and the coast, and it seemed like the perfect fit. 

TDC: Your website mentions the companies commitment to “turning the tide.” Can you share a little more about what that means for Flood & Print?
FAP: Turning the tide is our commitment to giving back to the communities we love; one being our physical community, and the other being the growing community of artists, makers, and skilled laborers in Charleston.  Currently our online sales allow us to provide printing, shirts, and classes to non-profits, charities, and schools/churches at free or reduced pricing. Supporting local and small businesses is both important to our local economy and near to our hearts and we have big goals and dreams for expanding this commitment to more directly support and grow the artisan community in Charleston. Our first step in that direction will come with the opening of our new retail shop this month, which will allow us to add some really exciting additions to our program which I can' t announce quite yet!

TDC: Flood & Print also has an online shop stocked with fun coastal shirts and tanks. Do you have a current favorite design?
FAP: I love to have fun with the designs and the humor in our shirts.  My favorites are the ones I get to draw by hand, it's really exciting seeing them come to life in color on a shirt for the first time. The octopus will always have a special place in my heart as our unofficial mascot.

TDC: Favorite restaurant in the Charleston area? (I know it is a very hard question!)
FAP: I know it's old school but I would have to say that my happy place is the back bar at Shem Creek Bar & Grill with an oyster shooter and a fresh squeezed mimosa. 

(Thank you Courtney! Love the concept of Flood & Print!) 
Head over to Flood & Print's Instagram and Website to follow along!

Who do you recommend for #FollowFriday? Any instagram accounts, shop or blogs that you think I should feature? Would love for you to leave a comment below!

Emily Kirby

Emily Kirby