Introducing the branding for Active Aging Solutions

Last week on the blog, I presented 4 logo options for Active Aging Solutions. Below you can see the logo that was selected. Today I get to show you the entire branding package!

When Meredith Baird first approached me about needing a logo for her new company, she shared with me the meaning behind the name, Active Aging Solutions:

"The name represents the importance of physical activity throughout the lifespan built upon a wellness model of creating unity within the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and environmental.  The business is to encourage aging actively by adopting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle in multiple dimensions."

Upfront, we established that our goal was to create a logo that was:

  • Bright & Cheerful
  • Soothing
  • Classy
  • Embracing & Positive
  • Age Appropriate

After exploring several options, we arrived at the final logo. It is bright and cheery, but still very soothing. The colors, the movement of the body, the heart, and the fonts all work together to make it upbeat and positive. The angles of the arms and legs next to the script font give a feeling of motion. It is safe to say, we were very excited about the outcome! 

Below is the mood board that guided the two of us. By adding in the logo to the board, we could see if the logo matched the feeling, mood, and imagery we were aiming for. Success! (Next month, I'll do a blog post on mood boards and why I think they are so helpful for client projects!)

Here is more of the branding! I love the color scheme and the different uses of the body icon. 

    The images above show some different patterns she can use with the logo. I enjoy adding these in with the branding package because they can be incorporated creatively on all of her future collateral material--including mail outs, the website, brochures, and even thank you cards.

    Thanks for following! Have a great day, and feel free to email me if you are in need of a logo or branding ideas for your business! You can also view our logo packages in the Etsy Shop.

    Best, Emily Kirby