Spice Up Your Christmas Gift Wrapping!

When I was younger, the days and weeks leading up to Christmas meant a few things in my household - first, that my mother suddenly became very secretive, hiding unwrapped gifts in every closet, nook and cranny of our home (which we were of course forbidden to go looking for, but of course did anyways). Secondly, however, from December 1st to 24th, the laundry room became strictly off limits. This was always mysterious to me as a kid - I would arrive home from school to find her scrambling to shut the door to the top secret room as she greeted me, telling me not to go inside lest I should ruin her "Christmas magic." When I was a little older and in on the secret (my two younger siblings still on board with the magic of Santa and so on), I was finally granted entry to the laundry room, and what I found inside was nothing short of dazzling.

Check out some fun and unique Christmas gift wrap ideas in the blog below!

We paired green, light pink, and black for a unique Christmas look! Gift tags available for download in our Etsy shop. Don't be afraid of mixing bold patterns and unexpected Christmas colors! This year, Texture Design Co. released its first wrapping paper designs! The bold graphic wrapping paper is available exclusively in our Charleston shop (218 B King Street). 

It was as if my mother had taken the space and transformed it into Santa's workshop. Piles of wrapping paper, bows, tinsel, and ribbon covered the entire surface area of the floor, and a mountain of presents addressed to all of our friends and family sat stacked in the corner. Everything glistened in shades of red, green, and gold. From that day on, Christmastime took on something of a new meaning - the many afternoons my mother and I spent together in the laundry room workshop, cutting through sheets of wrapping paper and adorning boxes with perfectly tied bows are still some of my favorite memories. I can still remember those Christmas mornings, watching my brother and sister gaze in awe at the bounty under the tree, sharing a proud and knowing look with my mom. The "Christmas Magic" was still alive, indeed.

For this cabin feeling Christmas wrapping set, we paired our darker green wrapping paper with red bakers twine, buffalo check patterns, and polka dots! Gift tags available for download in our Etsy shop. The Texture Design Co. bold graphic wrapping paper is available exclusively in our Charleston shop (218 B King Street). Add a leaf to any package to add a little flair! Ribbon from Michaels Craft stores.

With the holidays right around the corner, our very own wrapping paper has arrived just in time. Whether you'd call yourself a professional, laundry room gift wrapping queen or one who struggles just to tape down those corners smoothly, we are here to encourage you to get creative this year. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns, play with your color palate, or try breaking out of the classic holiday gift mold. We had a wonderful time dressing up these packages with Texture's own wrapping paper, and were delighted by how many fun and unique combinations we could come up with. 

For our last Christmas gift wrap grouping, we made it a little playful and whimsical! We combined seafoam, light pink, with traditional red and green Christmas colors! Play with patterns and textures! Mix ribbons with twines. Again, the Gift tags are available for download in our Etsy shop. The Texture Design Co. wrapping paper available in our Charleston shop (218 B King Street). 

The spirit of giving is plays a big role in this season, but it doesn't end with what's inside the box - we hope you all can find as much joy in the wrapping process as we did this year, and that this paper will provide some inspiration!

Merry Christmas,