3 Reasons I Love Minted.com's Fabrics

Did you know that Minted.com now has fabrics? I recently received my first fabric order from the online store, and I love it! Martin and I are in the process of reupholstering our dining room chairs with Snuggling Diamonds in charcoal by designer Kimberly Morgan. Minted.com's fabrics are super cute, but let me share with you 3 more reasons I'm excited about their textile selection!

3 Reasons I love Minted.com's Fabrics:

1. You can get to know the artist!

It is a lot more personal when you know who created the fabric you are placing in your home. Rarely do I know the story behind the fabrics in my home. However, when you select a fabric on the Minted website, you are able to click and read more about the designer. Find out where they are from, what do they do, or even follow them on social media. It is similar to learning a little more about an artist before purchasing a beautiful painting. In addition, it is nice knowing that a percentage of your purchase is also going towards an independent graphic designer or artist! (So basically, you're supporting someone like similar to me!)

2. Minted is providing a unique opportunity to designers and artists!

Designers and artists now have a very accessible way to see their work on textiles. I LOVE fabrics...that is part of the reasoning behind the name Texture Design Co. However, it can be a bit difficult to actually get your designs printed on fabric. Typically, you would need to be in the textile industry or have enough funds to pay for the printing of the fabric. Therefore, it is huge to have the chance to create a surface pattern for textiles at no cost! AND all the hard work gets taken out since they sell, print and ship for you! If you are a designer and are new to Minted, I would highly recommend checking out their design challenges. They pick several (I mean several) winners for each competition. Those winners receive a monetary prize and their designs will be sold on Minted.com! For each sold product, you receive a percent of the profits! For more information, go here and also check out the current Fabric Design Challenge! You probably won't make millions off of your fabric designs; currently artists receive 6% of the profits. BUT, if you're like me and would really enjoy seeing your creative work on textiles...this is a wonderful way to do that!

3. Oh, and the color options are fabulous!

Oftentimes I'll find a fabric that I like, but I'll wish it came in a different color. The textiles on Minted.com are offered in about 10 different color variations! Talk about options! I love color, and I love options! So if you like the Snuggling Diamond pattern I showed you in the beginning, well you can select from 10 colors including yellow, orange, pink, light blue, dark blue, and chartreuse.

*NOTE: We ordered the "linen cotton blend". It feels pretty thick and durable. The "classic cotton canvas" is more for crafting. Do not use the fabrics for children's sleepwear or bedding. (The fabrics are not fire-retardant.)

Head on over to the site and see if you can't find what you love! And while you are there, check out Texture Design's first winning art print submission. We hope to have more items on the Minted site later this Fall!

Have you shopped with Minted.com? Which of their products do you love?

Emily Kirby