Interview with Escapada Living Founder

I’m so excited to share today’s interview with you! I was able to interview Natalia Castillo, the owner and founder of Escapada Living, a resort wear clothing line!

I’m always fascinated when people have an idea for a business, and they make it happen! For Natalia, she not only made her dream of a clothing line possible, but she also helped communities along the way! Keep reading to learn more about Natalia’s advice for starting a business and what her creative process looks like!

Founder of Escapada Living, Natalia Castillo

Founder of Escapada Living, Natalia Castillo

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Natalia Castillo of Escapada Living
  1. I first spotted the Escapada clothing line about a year and a half ago, and I was immediately drawn to the colors and patterns. How would you describe the brand in three words?
    Happy. Colorful. Relaxed.

  2. Can you recall what was the inspiration that lead you to create a cheerfully, bold resort wear brand?

    I was traveling in the South of France (French Riviera) and I realized that there was a void in the market for happy, fun, well-priced resortwear. 

  3. I love that you decided to start a clothing line and made it happen! What were the initial challenges of the business?

    Definitely working out of my house for the first 2 ½ years! There was no separation of work and home, which made it very hard.

  4. If you could go back and give yourself one bit of advice about running a business, what would that be?

    I would find a partner to help me run the business! It’s a lot of work and responsibility for one person to be in charge of everything.

  5. What does the design process look like when you are creating new collections for Escapada?

    We start the process with inspirational product boards, discussing themes and color palettes for the next season. We then move on to creating prints that work within our chosen theme and end with choosing new bodies. These steps overlap over a period of many weeks/months. We are constantly tweaking things until we receive the final samples.

  6. A big aspect of Escapada Living is the philanthropic side! I was amazed to read all of the ways that the brand is helping communities. Can you share how the Escapada Living Children’s Fund was established?

    The Escapada Living Children’s Fund was established 4 years ago to help support the local community in Solo, Indonesia (where our factory is located). Our production manager oversees the fund and is very involved in the children’s daily lives. The Solo community has given so much to us, it’s nice to be able to give back.

  7. Where do you see Escapada Living going in the next 5 years?
    I see Escapada Living expanding into more of a ‘brand with a purpose.’ 

  8. Current favorite item in your shop?

    Our stretch knit Fonda Tunic Dress! It has a classic fit and super easy to throw on. Did I mention comfortable?

  9. As a fellow Charleston resident, what is your favorite go-to restaurant in town?

    My new favorite restaurant is Melfi’s, but my go-to restaurant is definitely The Obstinate Daughter.

Fonda Tunic Dress  by Escapada Living

Fonda Tunic Dress by Escapada Living

Thank you, Natalia, for your time!

I love hearing the stories behind a brand! Be sure to check out our interview on the
Escapada blog, The Escapist.

-Emily Kirby