New Member of Texture Design Co.

You may have seen on our Instagram that we welcomed a new addition to the Texture Design Co. family! Camille Lynn Kirby was born on July 25th, and it has been the sweetest, hardest, and most memorable past 3 months! People tell you all these things about motherhood, but NONE of it really makes sense until you are in the moment!

She has been my greatest joy and my greatest challenge! I love her so much my heart hurts, and I fall apart thinking about her growing up too fast! At 3am I reminisce on what 8 hours of sleep felt like, but at 6am I cherish her perky morning disposition! Her smile lights up her whole face, and she thinks her daddy is the funniest person she's ever met. She studies everyone and everything in the room, always very aware of her surroundings! I've been trying to take it all in, and I'm learning to enjoy the small moments.

Our good friend, Melissa Griffin Photography, took some amazing photos at Millie's one month milestone! I'm just now getting a chance to share the pics with you! 


Oh yes, and a shameless plug for our Charleston themed baby book, but only because I'm so excited about it! This keepsake book is my favorite project to date! I've been documenting Camille's first year in our copy of the book! The great thing about each page is that it isn't overwhelming! You can record the month's highlights in a few minutes...cuz ain't nobody got more time than that! :)


Have a great day!

Emily Kirby