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Do you need some bold, bright color in your life!? If so, get excited about today's #FollowFriday account! A few months ago I stumbled upon Kate Waddell's Instagram feed, and I'm so glad I did! This talented young lady is creating beautiful paintings that are strikingly colorful and fun! Check out more of her story below and be sure to add her to your news feed as well!


Medium: Acrylic, Gauche and Oil (mixed media) 
Studio Location: Charleston, SC

TDC: Briefly tell us what led you to pursue painting. Did you know for a while that you wanted to be an artist?
Kate: I've always been a creative thinker and since a very young age I felt the need to cultivate it. My older sister, who also paints, has a collection of hundreds of drawings I would make for her daily. (Helen Brooks Art- check her out!) So, for a while I knew I would be drawn to pursue a creative lifestyle. 

TDC: How would you describe your painting style?
Kate: My style stems from the Fauvism movement as seen through my color choices, bold shape and lines. Cezanne highly influences my work- studying his technique towards the end of his career is where I really got the foundation for my style. Painting enough for the human eye to detect the subject is something that always has me wanting to paint more and more. 

TDC: When it is time to decide the subject of your next painting or series, how do you make that decision? What does that creative process look like for you?
Kate: Right now I wait and see which subjects sell the most or get the most response. Then from that subject I paint different variations of it & try to push creativity as the series progresses. It's always fascinating to look at the first piece next to the last. It's encouraging! 

TDC: What is your favorite aspect of being an artist?
Kate: You'd never know it from my clothing choices, but color is the main reason that I love being an artist. I remember taking my first real painting class 3 years ago and being in awe at the infinite array of color possibilities. I see the Lord everyday through colors that I will accidentally mix and generally in all the gorgeous creation that surrounds us. 

TDC: You currently paint from the Redux Studios in Charleston, what is it like working alongside several other great artists? Do you all offer each other feedback? Tell us a little about that creative environment.
Kate: Redux is such an inspiring place to paint out of. It encourages all kinds of creativity, and thanks to all the studio artists, it constantly widens the scope for creative possibilities. There's a healthy level of competition, but more so of an encouraging environment! 

TDC: Do you know yet when your next big art release will be?!
Kate: My next online release will be in late November! I'll be doing more variations of fruit & flowers / fruit stand scenes. Currently working on commissions and pieces for my next show in Columbus, GA on October 1st. 

TDC: Having grown up in Columbus, Georgia, how did you find yourself in Charleston, South Carolina?
Kate: College of Charleston is the only college I applied to, and luckily I got accepted early! Then I visited and fell immediately in love with the city. I graduated this past May, and I'll be here for a while I'm hoping. 

Kate Waddell Art on Pinterest

TDC: Always a hard question for people, but what is your favorite Charleston area restaurant right now?
Kate: I love Dellz Uptown more than anything.

(Thank you Kate! Love your work and so excited for what the future holds for you!) Head over to Kate's Instagram and Website to see more of her artwork!

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