Follow Friday: Sincerely RoxyJStyle

Back with another #FollowFriday, and today I am interviewing a Charleston friend! Rachel is one of the most fashionable ladies I know, and I will admit that I wish she would come style me every day! :) But I think her best feature is her giant heart! She is so genuine and kind to others. Recently, Rachel started a fashion/lifestyle Instagram account. Continue reading to learn more about Rachel's passion, and check out her account for a little outfit inspiration! {@Sincerely_RoxyJStyle}

Instagram Account: Sincerely_RoxyJStyle
Main Topic: Fashion
Location Base: Charleston, SC

TDC: Briefly tell us about @Sincerely_RoxyJStyle? What do you hope to share with followers?
Rachel: I created @sincerely_RoxyJStyle in June of 2015. I am pretty new at this and didn't know how creating a fashion/lifestyle Instagram account would go. But I knew I wanted to create something that would allow me to share and express my thoughts, encouragement, faith, parenting, fashion, lifestyle, and whatever else came in my mind that day! My hope for my followers is that they will be inspired not just by the clothes I wear but everything in between! 

Left: Peplum top from Forever 21; plum color pants from Forever 21; heels from Banana Republic.  Right: Shirt dress from Tobi (when you #shoptobi for the first time you get 50% off first order); heels from Banana Republic. Photos by @MelissaGriffinPhotography.

TDC: What led you to start the fashion Instagram account? 
Rachel: I definitely have a love for fashion, and I'm often asked where my clothing pieces come from. So I got inspired to start my own account that would allow me to share with others some of my favorite finds! I love trying new things and seeing unique outfits come together! I only want to post something that reflects my own style.

TDC: Can you share with us one of your favorite fashion trends this winter?
Rachel: One of my favorite fashion trends for this winter is the knit crewneck sweater. It is soft, and it comes in classic neutral colors.

Left: Shirt from Teal; jacket from Forever 21; Necklace from 3littlebeads; skinny jean from Banana Republic; booties from Teal.  Right: Blazer from Charlotte Russe; pocket book from Old Navy; necklace from Banana Republic; V-neck blouse from Banana Republic; jeans from Buckle; high-heels from Target.  Photos by @MelissaGriffinPhotography.

TDC: Booties are everywhere! What tips can you give us for pulling off booties with dresses, skirts, and pants?
Rachel: Yes, booties are everywhere, and last year it was the biggest yet! Textured leggings look great when pulling off booties with dresses and skirts. Here are some ankle booties tips: 

  • Do- roll looser fitting pants hit above your boot
  • Do- wear them with midi and pencil skirts
  • Do- tuck tight fitting skinny jeans or roll a little 
  • Do- wear black booties with opaque black tights to elongate the legs. 
  • Do- with them with a maxi, but ensure some legs is showing (through a slit, or the hem should hit a bit above the boot)
  • Don't- tuck looser fitting pants into your boots
  • Don't- wear them with too-short mini skirt 
  • Don't- wear sky-high booties to the office
  • Don't- wear colored booties with opaque black tights--it will create the "stumpy legs" effect.
  • Don't- be self conscious! Ankle booties add an extra dose of style to any outfits. Play around and have fun with it!

Fringe Shirt from Banana Republic. (This shirt is so fun to dance and twirl around! Fringe style has been trending for a few seasons now; it's a swingy trim and will stay for a while!)  Leather leggings from Forever 21; boots from Target. Photos by @MelissaGriffinPhotography.

TDC: What clothing piece in your closet would you consider a staple item?
Rachel: My white tank, denim skinny jeans, booties, leggings, or a "throw on maxi dresses"! 

TDC: Your son, Jaden, is the sweetest little man! Do you have favorite shops for finding boy clothes?
Rachel: Thank you! He is pretty sweet, and I am so blessed to have him in my life! My favorite places to shop for boys clothes are Old Navy, Gap Kids, Gymboree, Target, and Marshalls.

Jaden wearing his favorite church outfit! Shirt from Target; tie from Target; jeans from Gap kids; shoes from Old Navy.  Right: Leather leggings from Forever 21; boots from Target; floral shirt from Target. Photos by @MelissaGriffinPhotography.

TDC: What is one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned from being a mom?
Rachel: One of the biggest life lessons I have learned from being a mom is that spending time with my son is more important than anything else that this life has to offer because parenting matters! The life I live and the decisions I make absolutely matter in the worldview of my son. Also to be humble enough to apologize when I'm wrong because (let's be honest) I am not a perfect mother. So to let my son see when I'm wrong will hopefully teach him to humble himself before others when he is wrong. 

TDC: Favorite places to shop for clothing in the Charleston area?
Rachel: Athleta, Teal, Mainstream Boutique, Marshalls, and Target.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing some of your advice and favorites! Be sure to check out more of Rachel's style at @Sincerely_RoxyJStyle. Stay tuned for the next #FollowFriday in two weeks!
Hint: It will have an interior design theme!

Best Wishes,
Emily Kirby