Thanksgiving Freebies

I can't believe Thanksgiving is two weeks away! This holiday is a good reminder for me to have a heart check! I find it so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life and worrying about what we need or don't have. So I decided to make a pretty list and write out for myself the many reasons I have to rejoice and be thankful! Then I thought, why not share the template with others! So today is a little freebie package! 

The first item I created was a list for me to write down/brainstorm what I'm thankful for. You can see the start of my own list. I figured I could hang it on my fridge to remind me every day.


Then I started thinking it would be fun to have little cards at our Thanksgiving meal where everyone can write a little something to be thankful for. Then you can save them for year to year or hang them up for a little while!


Lastly, I was having a good time designing and added a little table name card. What is better than coordinating paper goods? :) So feel free to print the sheet out, trim the name cards, and fold in half! 


Each downloadable file is created for an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Print on cardstock paper and trim around the light grey lines. For the name cards, fold them in half where you see a light grey line. Enjoy!

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." -1 Chronicels 16:34 

Emily Kirby

Thanksgiving Post: What Am I Thankful for this Year?

Looking back over 2014, there have been so many blessings! 

I thought it would be good to take a moment to list a few of the things I'm thankful for! 

1. A thoughtful and adoring husband who loves God even more than he loves me!

(photo by Leah's Opus Photography)

Definitely the biggest thing in my life this year was getting married to Martin. I constantly become more thankful for how God put him in my life and the man that he is. He has so many characteristics that I appreciate  -- a GIANT heart, very steady, always serving others, quick to forgive, compassionate, and so loving. But I'm most thankful that he loves God so much. I know we let each other down at times, and we do not always see eye to eye (surprise!). But I always know that he is seeking the Lord, and so I can trust that God will lead both of us. I'm so thankful for that.

 2. An encouraging and supportive family

(photos by Leah's Opus Photography)

The older I get, the more thankful I am to have such a loving family (and new family). We don't get to see each other all the time, but they are such a joy to be around. I am thankful for the example they set for me and for Martin. We hope to follow their lead, and love on and encourage other people like our families have done for us.

6. Genuine friendships that survive long distances

The above picture was taken at my bridal luncheon. It makes me smile because the photograph is full of incredible, genuine, loyal, and thoughtful women. Another thing I'm learning is that great friendships are worth holding on to and working to keep/build. A lot of the ladies in the picture don't live near me, but it has been so cool to keep up with them as life takes us different places. It requires being intentional to call, email, text or send a note. Intentionality is definitely an area I'm trying to grow in, but I'm so thankful for the friendships God has placed in my life!

3. The opportunity to do what I love!

I love being creative, and I'm so thankful for the chance to be creative in my work!  It has been exciting to watch new opportunities open with Texture Design Co. this year! Who knows what directions God will lead the company next year, but I can't wait!

4. The opportunity for Martin to go back to school

Sorry, don't have a picture for this one. (Just picture someone sitting at a desk and reading). Martin was able to go back to school this year to get his masters. To be honest, it was a hard transition because it meant we wouldn't have as much time together in the evening. Weekends are now filled with tests, quizzes, or homework. However, I'm SO proud of how hard he has worked and how much he has learned. I know it is a blessing that he is able to go back to school right now, and I do think it has made our relationship stronger as we figure out how to set time aside for our relationship. So I'm thankful!

5. Our humble home

We currently live in a little one-bedroom apartment. Most people walk in and say it is very cozy...translation "it is tiny". Ha! But I've come to love it! Yes, some day I dream of having an office in our home or a guest bedroom or more than one bathroom! But right now, it is perfect. The best part, is there is little to clean. So we have more time to focus on other things. But we also learn to be content in all things. So as silly as it sounds, I'm very thankful for our little home.

6. God's grace

Well, I guess since getting married, I see more of my selfishness. And therefore, I see more of my need for God's grace. SO THANKFUL that He forgives and redeems!

"This righteousness

 is given through faith

 in Jesus Christ

 to all who believe. 

There is no difference between Jew and Gentile,

for all have sinned

 and fall short of the glory of God,

and all are justified

 freely by his grace

 through the redemption

 that came by Christ Jesus." Romans 3:22-24

There is a lot more on my thankful list, but that is my short list for now! Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?