Our Etsy Inspired Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Growing up, my mom found the best little surprises to fill our stockings! 

In honor of my mom's great stockings, here is Texture Design's 2014 Etsy Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Yes, I included one of our shop's prints! This cute little skirt comes in a 5x7 or 8x10 print! I love the simple clean lines of the skirt! It would look great in a little girl's room or a guest room!


 T H A T C H   &   T H I S T L E   C O.

What girl doesn't live a little wasabi tape to liven up their packages, notebooks, grift wrap... This shop has tons of fun designs, but right now I'm swooning over the polka dot print!



If you know me, then you know these are my favorite colors to wear! :) I love all the fun bold necklaces in this Florida based Etsy shop! Each wooden bead is hand painted. 

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Y A O   C H E N G   D E S I G N

Yao Cheng's shop is full of lovely tea towels, prints, and cards showcasing her painting skills. I love the colors and softness of this particular water color pattern. It is also available in a print.


T E X T U R E   D E S I G N   C O.

Yes, it is Texture Design Co. again! Honestly, these are one of my favorite items in our shop. I think this set of stationery makes a perfect gift for anyone. AND they include polka-dot lined envelopes!! 


C H E W I N G   T H E   C U D

I'm a fan of patterns and bags...this shop is full of both! I'm personally a big fan of this tiny one that is printed on recycled canvas.


S A L E M   W O L F   D E S I G N S

These lovely little boot cuffs are produced in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a wide variety of colors available, they make a great stocking stuffer!


K O L B I E   W O O D

What's not to love about this hand-painted wood planter? I love the combination of colorful paints with the wood stain. This little block would liven up any set of shelves.


W H I T L O C K   A N D   C O.

Yes, polka dots again! This graphic pillow is fabulous because it could be paired with any color! Yellow, taupe, green....it is so versatile! It does not come with the insert, so you can stash this pillow cover in anyone's stocking! This shop also has a great variety of other fabrics to choose from.


A M E L I E   M A N C I N I

It is time to liven up the table with these cactus napkins! This set of napkins is screen printed in Amelie Mancini's Brooklyn studio. Definitely check out her other screen printed items!

Well, that concludes our 2014 stocking stuffer list! Merry Christmas!

.   .   .


(all photos provided by their Etsy Shops)