Follow Friday: My Little Bug Boutique

There is nothing cuter than a little baby girl with a precious bow in her hair! Am I right or am I right?! Today's #FollowFriday is a friend of mine who makes the sweetest hair bows for little girls! She sows and assembles all of them at her house here in Charleston, SC. I've already bought a few for my nieces because I think they are the perfect gift! Continue reading to find out more about My Little Bug Boutique.

My Little Bug Boutique

Owner: Avery Raley
Products: Hair Accessories, Bows

TDC: First of all, what inspired the name, My Little Bug Boutique?
MLBB: Like most funny nicknames, this one sort of just “happened”. I think when our daughter, Elliotte, was probably around a year old or so, I started calling her all sorts of variations of “bug”. Little bug, bug-a-boo, silly bug, etc. When I decided I wanted to open an Etsy shop, naming it after her just seemed appropriate. She’s the little bug behind the boutique!

TDC: Tell us a little about your background and what lead you to open up your shop!
MLBB: Ever since we found out we were having a little girl, I was giddy about being able to dress her up in ruffles and bows, even though I’m not super girly myself. It’s just so much fun! We were gifted a lot of bows when she was first born, but as she outgrew them I found myself missing having all the different colored bows to match each and every outfit (high priority, obviously). In an effort to save money, I decided to try and make her some bows myself. I found that as a stay at home mom, I actually really enjoyed the creative outlet of making the bows and how customizable they were. Fast forward about one year and a sewing machine later and I thought opening up my own shop might a great way to help contribute to my family financially while also doing something I enjoy!

Classic Spring Bows

Classic Spring Bows

TDC: Do you currently have a favorite item in the shop right now? 
MLBB: It changes weekly! I’d have to say currently I’m really loving the spring line of “classic” bows! I love the pastel colors and I think they’re also my favorite to put Elliotte in because they really stand out.

TDC: Your daughter is absolutely precious. She is coming up on 2 years! Do you have any tricks for keeping bows in her hair!?
MLBB: You are sweet! Well as I’m sure many other girl moms would say, keeping a bow in her hair isn’t necessarily an easy feat at this age. She’s extremely busy and she’s been known to rip her bow out and throw it on the floor, especially in the car. But I think two things specifically have been helpful in getting her to keep it on. 1) I’ve been putting bows on her since she was a newborn, so really I think she’s just used to it. She knows that if we’re going somewhere, no outfit is complete without a bow! Plus she truly loves to accessorize (hats, necklaces, you name it) so I think she enjoys that part of it too. 2) All of our clip bows in the shop have a rubber grip attached, specifically made to grip onto fine hair like many kids have and keep bows in place. That makes all the difference, especially for little ones! For the bands, the elastics we use are super soft and grow with the child so they won’t dig into their head or feel uncomfortable, making them much less likely to want to pull it off!

TDC: You also just made a very important announcement on your shop’s social media! Do tell!
MLBB: We did! …We are currently expecting our 2nd “little bug”! I am due in September and super excited to find out if we’ll have another bow wearing girl, or if we’ll need to be adding some boy bow ties to the shop!

TDC: What is one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned since being a mom?
MLBB: Oh gosh. I could write a book on that question alone. I think I’d have to say that the biggest lesson that comes to mind is that nothing is concrete! Babies, toddlers, children.. they’re always changing! As soon as you think you’ve become a pro at something, they change. As soon as you think you’ve figured something out about your child, it changes – for better or for worse! It’s a lot of learning and adapting at every age and every baby is different. And as much as I’d like to, I can’t take credit for anything she’s good at, haha. Most of it is just her personality and the way the Lord made her! I think it’s really taught to me to hold an open hand as a mom. To know that I’m not in control of anything that I just have to trust the Lord with every little thing. It’s hard to do when you naturally want to do the best, safest, most beneficial thing for your child 24/7, but it’s also quite freeing. To know that the Lord, who’s much more capable than me, is actually in perfect control!  

TDC: You’ve lived in the Charleston, SC area for about 2 years now. Can you share some of your favorite family activities to do around town?
MLBB: Hmmm. You know really we just love to be outside, especially in Charleston! Elliotte (and of course the soon to be new baby) isn’t really old enough to do a lot of “structured” activities, so the best things for us right now are just being in wide open spaces where we can explore and Elliotte can run around. We love the beach, the parks, going downtown, that sort of thing. We also love the farmers market and similar free outdoor events where we can walk around (did I say for free?) and listen to music and grab something to eat. It’s stroller friendly and no one cares if your child is making a racket!

TDC: Last but definitely not least...what is your favorite Charleston area restaurant right now?
MLBB: How does anyone pick just one? I’m gonna cheat and give two answers (okay maybe three). For me personally I’m a huge fan of Mediterranean food. So I tend to go for places like Zoe’s Kitchen or Tazikis over and over again – I know those are chains but since not everywhere has those options, I’m gonna consider them Charleston perks! For the family, we really like Taco Boy downtown! It’s super affordable, has a really fun atmosphere and it’s kid friendly (aka loud)!

Be sure to follow Avery on Instagram as she continues to grow My Little Bug Boutique! So much excitement ahead for their family. And my personal favorite bow is the green glitter. Is it cool if I wear that one?! :)

Stay tuned for our next #FollowFriday in three weeks! Hint: All the tennis pros are wearing it!

Emily Kirby

Ideas for a Modern Nursery

Inspired by our new baby products, I've compiled some fun and whimsical ideas for a more modern baby nursery. Clean lines, geometric shapes, bold colors, and cute animals for everyone! Be sure to visit some of these awesome Etsy shops and check out our new baby gifts while you are there!


8 Shops for Finding Party Supplies

I love having the opportunity to celebrate other people, especially when it is in the form of a party. Showers, birthday parties, engagement parties...they are all my favorite! And what is a party without decorations?! :) I always enjoy hunting for new decoration ideas, so today I'm giving you 8 shops full of party supply and decoration goodness!

8 Shops fro Finding Party Supplies

Have fun checking out these lovely shops! Any suggestions on where you find great party supplies and decor? Feel free to share!

Emily Kirby

People to Follow: Melissa Griffin Photography

Happy #FollowFriday! 'm so excited to share this interview with you! Melissa Griffin is an incredible young lady, and I'm proud to call her one of my close friends. She and I started our creative businesses around the same time, and it has been awesome to watch each other grow! She has been the camera behind several of Texture Design's photo shoots. (So I can highly recommend her!) Another side note, Melissa was one of my first logo and website clients--always thankful for those first clients that take a chance on you! Recently, Melissa opened an ETSY SHOP stocked full of stunning photographs! SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! So check out the shop and read below to hear more of Melissa's story! 

Photos of Melissa by Leah's Opus Photography

Etsy Shop:  MelissaGriffinPhoto 
Owner: Melissa Griffin
Product and/or Service: Photography Sessions and Fine Art Prints 

TDC: Briefly tell us what led you to become interested in photography?

MGP:  I’ve had an interest in art for as long as I can remember.  When I was young I’d fill sketch books with drawings.  As I got into high school I began taking photography classes which I loved and continued into college.  I’m not a super creative person who is able to come up with something from nothing.   But I enjoy photography because I’ve learned (and am learning) how to find light, colors, textures, etc and arrange them in a way that creates a striking image.  I NEVER thought I’d take photos of people.  But once I started doing it, I fell in love with it.  A positive response from a mother who sees a candid of their children or a granddaughter seeing a photo of her grandparents smiling at each other makes my day.  It’s so humbling that people let me into these personal moments and milestones in their lives!  And it’s a privilege to know that these photos are one of the few material possessions that they will have forever.

TDC: What types of photography sessions do you offer?

MGP:  I offer everything from engagement and maternity sessions to senior portraits and family photos.  It’s fun to start with a couple when they are pregnant then take pictures of their newborn and again as the baby grows up!  I enjoy having repeat clients who I get to know while watching their family grow.  I just worked with a family for the third time and found out they have to move from Charleston to Seattle soon.  We’re planning on taking family photos in Seattle when I travel there next year!  I love that.

TDC: Now that it is summer, a lot of families are interested in beach photography sessions. Do you work with families coming to Charleston for vacation?

MGP:  Absolutely!  I’ve worked with several families who live out of town.  They found me online and contacted me to take their photos of their immediate or extended family after they all arrive in Charleston.  It’s been fun to stay in Charleston but work with people from Nashville, New York, and other places.  Vacation is a great time to do family photos because everyone is together and there aren’t a bunch of other “real life” distractions around.

TDC: We all worry about what to wear for photo shoots. Do you have any recommendations for outfits? Any suggestions when there is a large group of people? Are there colors or patterns you would recommend avoiding?

MGP:  Definitely wear something that’s comfortable and YOU!  I like layering – necklaces, scarves, jewelry, etc.  I think simple patterns and solid colors work well.  You don’t want a super crazy pattern that takes attention away from your face!  For large groups, coordinating colors and patterns are good but not matchy-matchy.  Don’t put everyone in khakis and white ;)  I like fun pops of colors too like a necklace or a fun pair of shoes.

TDC: Tell us what led you to open an Etsy shop. (And congrats on the new shop!)

MGP:  Thank you so much!  This has been in the works for quite awhile.  I have wanted to open an Etsy shop for some time because I had images from trips that were just sitting on my computer.  Earlier this year I did a series of Charleston church images, and when I started posting them I had a really positive response.  People started asking if I sold them, and I had a few people ask if they could purchase them for wedding gifts.  That was the push I needed to make the shop a reality.  I’m currently selling 8x10 prints on paper and a few metal prints that are unique pieces to hang in your home or to give as gifts.  I’m looking forward to continuing to update my shop and making connections with different people.

TDC: Can you share a little background or history behind some of the photos in your shop? Are the photos mostly Charleston sites?

MGP:  Most of the photos are from the Charleston area.  I’ve lived here for 8 years now, so I have lots of photos that I’ve taken during that time.  There are so many inspiring and beautiful places here to photograph!  I also have a travel bug.  I went on my first trip to Europe in 2007 and since then have been to Australia, India and back to Europe again.  Looking at a photo will bring me right back to the place I took it so my images from my travels are really special to me.  I’ve listed some of these images in my shop as well.

TDC: During your years of photography, is there a picture that you’ve taken that stands out as your favorite? 

MGP:  I really don’t have one favorite image, I could never choose!  But I can think of two that stand out to me right now. 

One is a photo I took of two boys in India [Pictured above].  We visited their school and they were running away from me and giggling while I attempted to take their photo.  They finally sat down at a table in one of their classrooms and both smiled at me.  Their little faces just remind me of the sweet, humble and playful children we met while visiting Kolkata.  I was so grateful that I was able to go on that trip.  It was eye opening and life changing.

The second is the photograph that I took of the Mother Emanuel church back in January [Pictured above next to wood doors]. At that time, of course, I never imagined that such a tragedy could happen in this city in that beautiful church.  As soon as I heard the news I found the image I took and re-posted it with the Bible verse, “Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you” from Psalm 55:22.  Now that I look at this image again after these shocking events, the angle of the church reaching to the blue sky symbolizes hope to me.  And I think that HOPE has been represented in the words and actions of the victims’ families and the church members at AME.

I've posted two images of the AME church on my Etsy shop and 100% of the profits I make from the sales of these two photos will go toward the Mother Emanuel Hope Fun.

TDC: Favorite Charleston restaurant right now?  (hard question!)

MGP:  That IS a hard question!  I love trying out new Charleston restaurants and lately it’s been hard to keep up!  Two of my favorites right now are Minero on East Bay Street and Leon’s on Upper King.  Both have a fun atmosphere and everything I’ve tasted at each place is delicious! 


Thank you Melissa for your time! Be sure to follow MGP on Instagram as well!

GUESS WHAT ELSE? Melissa is offering a 10% discount to Texture Design Co. followers!
Just use the coupon code below when checking out on Etsy. (Expires 7.17.15)

Coupon Code: TEXTURE 

Who do you recommend following? What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts? I would love for you to share them in the comments section!

Best, Emily Kirby

Our Etsy Spring Wish List

Spring is almost here!!! I googled and the first official day of spring is March 20th! So in honor of the warmer weather coming back, I compiled an Etsy "Spring Wish List" full of bright colors and cheery designs! You'll love these Etsy finds and their talented makers!

This absract watercolor painting makes me think of little rain drops in a puddle. And as they say, "April showers bring May flowers." The colors and simplicity are so soothing.


Oh Hey

Oh hi! Sarah's shop is full of contemporary embroidery. I enjoy the fact that it is homey and inviting yet quirky and fun! It could be the perfect item to spruce up your space after some spring cleaning! (Time for me to dust the fan blades!)


Grapefruit Still Life

Have you been to Elizabeth Mayville's shop? If you haven't, you are missing out! As she describes it, "

All of my work has to do with the small and beautiful moments of a quiet day."

Her prints are all so crisp and fresh a spring day morning!


Tribal Inspired Coasters

I'm always a sucker for patterns, and this bright tribal pattern is awesome! So when you're on the porch enjoying this lovely spring weather, you can sit your drink on one of these little guys.


Suspended Plant Shelf

Brooke's pieces are all unique because she mainly uses salvaged materials. This hanging shelf is whimsical and just perfect for hanging spring flowers! :)


Wooden Pallet Art: Let Your Light Shine

This piece with the sunrise is just so happy! Makes me think of the days growing longer as spring and summer approach. If you are in need of pallet art, definitely check out the rest of Kait's shop!! You may remember that we interviewed Kait Waggoner of Salt and Light Designs last year. You can view the interview here


Peach Jewelry Dish

Spring is wedding season. Therefore, it may be time for you to purchase some wedding gifts. When we got married, one of my favorite wedding gifts was a tiny bowl for my rings. So if you need gifts, head over to this shop! They have lots of colors to choose from!


Organic Baby Leggings

I wish they made these in my size! Definitely a great baby gift this spring.


Geometric Pillow

This pillow has a unique blend of colors that makes it very eye-catching -- perfect for a little redecorating. The pillows are all handmade in Istanbul, Turkey!


Glitter and Mint Envelope Clutch

With the change in wardrobe, you may be needing a new little clutch to carry. This shop has so many colors and variations to choose from. They would make a perfect gift for a friend.

. . .

That sums up our Etsy Spring 2015 Wish List! Thank you to all the shops for letting us showcase your items!

(photos provided by the individual shops)


Behind the Scenes of Our New House Portraits

As you may know, I originally studied Interior Design at the University of Georgia. When I started my career in graphic design, I didn't think I would do renderings anymore. But then Martin and I thought, why not incorporate it into our Etsy shop?! can now purchase a custom house portrait and receive a rendering of your own home! You also have the option of purchasing matching notecards! How cool?!

Here are some pictures of the entire process... 

You can see the original house photo on the left.


Below is a house portrait just completed for someone's 50th anniversary gift. (so sweet!)

We have a few more plans coming for this ideas of ways to showcase the portraits. But we won't share them all just yet! ;)  Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions! How would you like to see your house portrait displayed? Let us know!


Festive Fun: Recap of the Holiday Farmers Market


We participated in the Mt. Pleasant Holiday Farmers Market last weekend and had the best time! Thank you so much to our friends who were able to stop by and say hi! We really enjoyed being out in the community and making some new friends. (Here is a shout out to you if we just met you at the market!) Below is a picture of Martin and I at our booth. (That funny looking thing I have on is an apron...keeps me organized.) The weather was perfect, and the food was phenomenal.  Overall,  it was just a great experience. We thought we'd share a few pics from the day. All photos courtesy of our good friend and fabulous photographer, Melissa Griffin!


If you're interested in any of items in the photos, please check out our online shop!

We're hoping to do some more shows this spring, so we'll keep you posted. Let us know if there is one in your area that you think we should do! We're open to suggestion!

Thank you again to

Melissa Griffin Photography


Best, Emily

Our Etsy Inspired Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Growing up, my mom found the best little surprises to fill our stockings! 

In honor of my mom's great stockings, here is Texture Design's 2014 Etsy Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Yes, I included one of our shop's prints! This cute little skirt comes in a 5x7 or 8x10 print! I love the simple clean lines of the skirt! It would look great in a little girl's room or a guest room!


 T H A T C H   &   T H I S T L E   C O.

What girl doesn't live a little wasabi tape to liven up their packages, notebooks, grift wrap... This shop has tons of fun designs, but right now I'm swooning over the polka dot print!



If you know me, then you know these are my favorite colors to wear! :) I love all the fun bold necklaces in this Florida based Etsy shop! Each wooden bead is hand painted. 

BUT WAIT...there's more! Modfresh is offering a 15% off coupon for our readers! Just use coupon code TEXTURE at checkout!!


Y A O   C H E N G   D E S I G N

Yao Cheng's shop is full of lovely tea towels, prints, and cards showcasing her painting skills. I love the colors and softness of this particular water color pattern. It is also available in a print.


T E X T U R E   D E S I G N   C O.

Yes, it is Texture Design Co. again! Honestly, these are one of my favorite items in our shop. I think this set of stationery makes a perfect gift for anyone. AND they include polka-dot lined envelopes!! 


C H E W I N G   T H E   C U D

I'm a fan of patterns and bags...this shop is full of both! I'm personally a big fan of this tiny one that is printed on recycled canvas.


S A L E M   W O L F   D E S I G N S

These lovely little boot cuffs are produced in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a wide variety of colors available, they make a great stocking stuffer!


K O L B I E   W O O D

What's not to love about this hand-painted wood planter? I love the combination of colorful paints with the wood stain. This little block would liven up any set of shelves.


W H I T L O C K   A N D   C O.

Yes, polka dots again! This graphic pillow is fabulous because it could be paired with any color! Yellow, taupe, is so versatile! It does not come with the insert, so you can stash this pillow cover in anyone's stocking! This shop also has a great variety of other fabrics to choose from.


A M E L I E   M A N C I N I

It is time to liven up the table with these cactus napkins! This set of napkins is screen printed in Amelie Mancini's Brooklyn studio. Definitely check out her other screen printed items!

Well, that concludes our 2014 stocking stuffer list! Merry Christmas!

.   .   .


(all photos provided by their Etsy Shops)

Adding A Nursery: Our Favorite Mobiles

While I was researching for the new nursery prints featured in our ETSY shop, I came across several precious mobiles for babies!  So I thought, why not share my favorites with others!? Perhaps you are in the process of decorating a new little nursery. If that is the case, congrats on your little one, and enjoy these cuties!! (To avoid any questions...we currently are not planning a nursery! :) I figured that question might come up! Someday though!)

I love the combination of mint, peach, and gold! 



I just find this so creative. Not your typical nursery mobile!



I gravitate towards anything coastal...including these baby fish!



I'm such a sucker for color, and this color combo just makes me smile!



The simple lines and bold colors make this mobile very eye-catching.



These little bunnies are so sweet; they are a perfect touch  for a light and soft nursery.



Great combination of patterns and textures on this one!



Nothing cuter than a little-bitty elephant! So soft and sweet.

Well I definitely recommend checking out these shops! A big thank you to all of them for allowing me to share their items.

Also, just a reminder to check out our new Etsy shop! We are still adding more items to it weekly. Our newest section is the nursery prints!


Add A Little Craftsmanship: Salt & Light Designs

I love seeing people doing what they love and using their creativity to make a living. We are so excited for the chance to showcase Salt and Light Designs and their beautiful wood signs on our blog! It was a joy to interview my dear friend and owner, Kait Waggoner. Check our her answers below!

Store Name:  Salt and Light Designs

Owner:  Kait Waggoner

Product:  Hand Crafted Pallet Art

TDC: How did you get started making wood signs?

Kait: We got married in May 2012 and had a DIY rustic wedding. We had tons of extra handmade decor after the wedding so we had the idea to open an etsy shop to sell the excess. It started out with simple wood slice chalkboards and only one wooden sign. Things started to sell, and we were both jobless at the time, so we figured- what the heck, let's get creative. We started by pulling apart pallets and redesigning them. Once we realized what a pain it was, and that pallets contain mold and harsh chemicals that you don't want hanging around your home, we decided to go a different route. We explored options and our first two signs were born, "home is wherever I'm with you" and "all you need is love". They started selling and as sales kept increasing, we realized this turned into our little business. Never in a million years did we think we would be doing this, but we love it and we are so humbled by all of the awesome customers. 

TDC: What does the process of creating signs look like?

Kait: First, Chris collects the wood and measures, cuts, and cleans it up. Anything with serious imperfections or big cracks will get scrapped. After this, we put the wood through a natural staining and aging process to give it the rustic feel. I put everything together and bring it up to the office for painting!

TDC: Which sign in your store is your personal favorite?

Kait: I really love the colorful "let your light shine" sign. It still has that wooden/rustic/vintage feel but incorporates fun color at the same time.

TDC: What is your favorite part of the job?

Kait: I love my job. God is really so wonderful to give me the opportunity to do what I love, which is work with my hands and be creative. Honestly, my FAVORITE part of the job would have to be the fact that I get to meet all of these people from all over the world. Without etsy, I would never come in contact with any of these awesome people. Etsy is pretty amazing.

TDC: We know you recently had a baby, so the shop just re-opened. (Congrats on baby Noah; he is beautiful!) Are there some new products we can be on the look out for?

Kait: Thank you! Yes! I really am excited about re-opening. There are lots of new signs, and I'm super excited. I've been using some new materials, which has been fun. It's really great to have this time to create some new things since I've been making a lot of the same things over the past year. Hopefully the new items are as loved as the other signs. :)

TDC: What is your favorite Etsy shop to visit? 

Kait: I love Katie Daisy's work at The Wheatfield. I have some of her art in my office and if I had more wall space I would have more!

TDC: You make all of your products in Charleston, SC. What is your favorite activity to do there?

Kait: Charleston is awesome. As a northern transplant, I really love it down here. The weather is beautiful so I pretty much enjoy anything outdoors. The beach, parks, scenic walks, all of that is fun. :)

Kait, thank you so much for your time! We love your shop and your beautiful craftsmanship!

Visit the store here and like  SaltAndLightDesigns on Facebook to check out more images of their products and updates on the store! 

All photos courtesy of Salt And Light Designs.

Add A Little Kitchen Love: Unique Tea Towels

Some of my favorite things include: fabrics, textures, colors, patterns, typography, and baking sweets. What combines all of those loves?! Why these beautiful hand towels!!! Freshen up your kitchen with these lovelies or give them as a gift! (Great wedding gift or hostess gift if you're looking for an idea!) Just had to share these great finds!


These modern towels are hand sewn by mom and hand printed by daughter. I love both of these patterns - simple and eye-catching. And If you like this look, you'll definitely want to check out the other items in this Denver based shop.



Having grown up in Georgia, these screen printed towels speak my language! I love the creative typography! You also have to check out the multitude of fun-saying screen prints in this husband and wife shop located in Michigan.



I LOVE the graphic element of these screen printed towels - bold, fun, and whimsical! I especially love the arrow towel in teal, but it also comes in a neon pink! Check out the shop and definitely read their "about" page; it is so interesting to hear how shops got their start!



Not only are these towels absolutely precious, but they are also informative! 1Canoe2 is a shop owned by two childhood friends who made their dreams come true by opening up shop together and creating products they love. Cheers to them! (definitely check out the rest of their many great gift ideas)


A big thank you to all of these shops; we love your creativity!

Add A Little Love: Mother's Day Cards

Just a reminder that Mother's Day will be here soon! If you don't have a card for your mom yet, why not buy one that is handcrafted?! You're mom is special, so she deserves a special card!! I'm so impressed with and inspired by many of the stationery companies on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorite handcrafted Mother's Day cards. If you hurry, you can purchase these now and have them ready for your mom on May 11th. Click on any of the images to get to their shop!


"My Mom's the Best" 
I love anything seafoam blue, and then it comes with a beautifully lined envelope! It is the small touches that make a difference!



"Mom you're the Best" 
This card is definitely true of my mom. I feel like this screen printed card is the kind your mom will keep on her bulletin board all year long!



"To the loveliest, kindest, most wonderful lady I know" 
I love how feminine this card is, and the typography is perfect!!



"you're the bomb mom"
Not only do I love the fact that the owner of Dodeline Design is a fellow UGA alumni and Charleston resident, but I love her simplistic design on this card. And who doesn't love gold?!



"Happy Mother's Day"
This card just makes me smile, and it is created in the UK. Love the use of the textured linen paper.



"I'm awesome. Thanks mom."
Not only does this card make me laugh, but it is also hand screen printed!



"happy mother's day"
My mom and I love anything watercolor, so I had to add this flat card to the list!


Be sure to check out these shops on Etsy; they all have plenty of cute products! 
Oh, and happy early Mother's Day to the moms!