Festive Fun: Recap of the Holiday Farmers Market


We participated in the Mt. Pleasant Holiday Farmers Market last weekend and had the best time! Thank you so much to our friends who were able to stop by and say hi! We really enjoyed being out in the community and making some new friends. (Here is a shout out to you if we just met you at the market!) Below is a picture of Martin and I at our booth. (That funny looking thing I have on is an apron...keeps me organized.) The weather was perfect, and the food was phenomenal.  Overall,  it was just a great experience. We thought we'd share a few pics from the day. All photos courtesy of our good friend and fabulous photographer, Melissa Griffin!


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We're hoping to do some more shows this spring, so we'll keep you posted. Let us know if there is one in your area that you think we should do! We're open to suggestion!

Thank you again to

Melissa Griffin Photography


Best, Emily