Our 2015 Goals....Where We Are Headed

Last week on the blog, we reminisced on 2014. It was definitely a great year, but we are even more excited about 2015! This week we are sharing some our new year's goals with you. (You can hold us accountable a year from now). A lot of them are based on the feedback we’ve received from you, our supportive fans and lovely customers! So thank you for your help!

1. Providing More Personalizantion Items!

What does that mean? It means more items that you can make personal for you or for your friends. So be on the look out for cards and prints that allow you to add your name! Also, I’m hoping to start doing home portraits. Not sure what that is? Well more to come on that! :)

2. Offering More Cards & Stationery Sets!

After the farmers market, Martin and I realized that the individual cards are a big hit! So I’ll be adding more. In fact, I have two that we’ll be adding to the shop next week! (Side note, you can already buy them at Page’s Thieves Market on Coleman Boulevard!)

The Hello Umbrella cards were Texture Design’s first stationery set, and to be honest it is one of our favorite items. So I’m hoping to add some similar stationery sets to the shop. This will include some fun thank you cards!

3. Increasing our Product Development Standards

That is just my fancy way of saying I’m going to challenge myself even more! I’m very proud of our current line of products, but I am taking the creativity up a notch this year! I want to provide our amazing customers with even better designs and even better products! I get so excited thinking about the possibilities!

4. Connecting with our customers more!

This one I need your help with. We obviously can’t meet everyone, even though I think it would be cool if we could. So we have to connect through social media. Are you following us? Tag us if you are! Or send comments/messages. I’ll be excited to reply. Also if you tag Texture Design items in your pictures, we’ll repost them and give you all the credit! Feel free to use the hashtag #addalittletexture. (because we all love adding hashtags!)





5. Becoming more available in retail spaces.

The goal is to become available in retail shops rather than just online. This particular goal we started working on this week. As I mentioned above, you can now purchase some of our items in a Page’s Theives Market in Mt. Pleasant, SC. I’m hoping to get our wholesale pricing list finalized and on the website by April. (Feel free to contact me if you think you would be interested.)

I hope you can tell that I am very excited to see what 2015 brings. Ultimately, Texture Design wants to produce quality designs with superb customer service! As our website says, “Whether it is a fabric, piece of furniture, photograph, website or stationery, it all has a particular texture that gives you a feeling or brings back a memory. We hope our designs do just that!" --Texture Design Co.