Behind the Scenes of Our New House Portraits

As you may know, I originally studied Interior Design at the University of Georgia. When I started my career in graphic design, I didn't think I would do renderings anymore. But then Martin and I thought, why not incorporate it into our Etsy shop?! can now purchase a custom house portrait and receive a rendering of your own home! You also have the option of purchasing matching notecards! How cool?!

Here are some pictures of the entire process... 

You can see the original house photo on the left.


Below is a house portrait just completed for someone's 50th anniversary gift. (so sweet!)

We have a few more plans coming for this ideas of ways to showcase the portraits. But we won't share them all just yet! ;)  Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions! How would you like to see your house portrait displayed? Let us know!