Introducing Our Newest Intern!

Y’all! Somehow I always hit the jackpot on interns!

Our fall semester intern is Alexandra! Mature beyond her years. Incredibly creative! AND a marketing wiz kid!

Alexandra has been helping me behind the scenes for a few weeks now! You can see her work on our updated Pinterest boards. I’d love for you to get to know a little more about this young lady who is helping me to run this show!

Marketing and Design Internship

1. Having lived in California, North Carolina, Georgia, and now South Carolina, how do you think these locations have shaped who you are today?

After growing up in California, and moving to North Carolina at 15 years old where my dad got a job, it taught me at an early age that I can get through the uncomfortable and I can adapt to anything. We left all of our friends and family behind, and started a new chapter together. It forced me to overcome social anxiety in order to make friends, and taught me that unfamiliarity is temporary. And I think going through that big of a move made the transition of living in Georgia and South Carolina for college, a lot easier. I am not afraid of change, like I once was. I love the south and I think that all three states offer different version of southern charm.

2. What brought you to the College of Charleston and how did you decide your major?

I transferred to CofC from SCAD in Savannah, because as a sophomore at SCAD I was unsure with what I wanted to do with my future and I needed to be at a school that offered a less “specific” track, but I still wanted to be in a creatively stimulating environment. Charleston was perfect, the city is very similar to Savannah except even more charming. I took a printmaking class at SCAD as an elective, and I decided to make Studio Art my major and printmaking my concentration because with all art classes transferring over it was the only major that would allow me to graduate on time. I believe everything happens for a reason, and I am so grateful SCAD brought me printmaking and I have been able to carry that out here. I have learned so many more techniques like Lithography, Etching and Solar Plate printing while being at CofC. My understanding of printmaking has expanded greater than I even imagined.

3. Which of your classes are you most excited about this semester?

I am most excited for my Painting I class. I do not have any experience with painting, even more specifically, oil painting. I am excited to step outside my comfort zone this semester and challenge myself. Within my printmaking concentration, I have only had print classes until this semester and I haven’t felt artistically challenged in a while, although I am a little nervous to be graded on a medium I don’t have any familiarity with, I am nonetheless excited to watch my artistic skill set grow.

4. What areas do you hope to pursue after graduating in the spring?

I hope to pursue a career in art direction or branding. I am very detail oriented and love to create still-lifes, photographic compositions, and various subjects within my work that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Art direction is appealing to me because it involves so many different aspects of organization, photography, design, inspiration, and collaboration.

5. Currently, what are your preferred creative outlets?

My first creative outlet that I have gotten into is to put headphones in, while I  listen to different kinds of music, and I don’t lift my pen off the page. The goal is to draw a continuous line that changes as the music or beat does. It’s helped me loosen up, and realize that art doesn’t have to be about intention and control. I’ve learned to trust myself, and let go.

My second creative outlet, is digital collages. I have been big into creating pretty, whimsical, retro pieces inspired by collage artist Eugenia Loli. I love organizing all of the layers that go into the collages.

6. Previously, you interned with a floral design company. What was the greatest takeaway from this experience?

The biggest takeaway would be applying the principles of design to an organic medium. I loved working with my hands, and feeling them create something beautiful. Most of my work before the internship was digital my background is in graphic design, so being able to work with a medium that grew from the ground was unlike anything else. The best part was driving by the brides in Savannah on my way home from work, with them and their wedding party holding the bouquets I made.


7. Favorite coffee shop in Charleston?

My favorite coffee shop is Kudu coffee, because they don’t have wifi. And I like that because it encourages people to talk to one another, read, or get creative with how they spend their time. I see many people read by themselves, listen to music, enjoy good conversation, people watch, or get some sort of work done. And the iced-chai is to-die-for.

Check back in for new posts and thoughts from this young lady!

Alexandra, super excited to have you on the team!


Emily Kirby