A Guide to Lower King Street: Part 3

Today is the last installment of our three part series exploring lower King Street in downtown Charleston. For those not familiar, this is the district of King Street between Market and Broad Street. It is a quaint part of King full of unique finds, including the Texture Design Co. shop! Be sure to check out the previous two posts (Part 1 and Part 2) to find some of our favorite neighboring food and clothing spots!

Lower King Street Gift Boutiques in Charleston

Gifts and Homegoods

This week, we are focusing on a few of our favorite shops for locating the perfect gift or home decor! Each destination brings it's own style and flare to Charleston!

7. The Preservation Society of Charleston

The Preservation Society is located at 147 King Street.

The Preservation Society is a MUST stop for any visitor or local in Charleston! It was originally founded in 1920 and aims to "recognize, advocate, and protect the historic sites and buildings in the Lowcountry". All the items in the store are locally made in Charleston or help to explain the magic and history of the city. If you venture to their back room, you can browse through books while sitting in the comfy couches with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. They also sell locally made soaps, cards, paintings, and even grits! If you’re looking to learn a little more about our beloved city or just want to grab a souvenir, the Preservation Society is the place to go! Be sure to look for our Texture Design Co. cards and prints while you’re there!

8. Vieuxtemps

Vieuxtemps is located at 180 King Street.

Vieuxtemps brings a bit of old school elegance to Lower King. They feature a large selection of china, crystal, and silver ideal for any wedding registry. After 29 years, they continue to offer the largest selection in Charleston. Along with items for the bride-to-be, they offer upscale accessories such as jewelry, letter openers and jewelry boxes. Whether you’re registering for the big day or need a gift for the home, Vieuxtemps has a tasteful, elegant selection that is sure to please.

9. South of Market

South of Market is located at 173 King Street

If you’re on the hunt for furniture and accessories for your house or apartment, South of Market is the place to go! This store is one of three locations opened by Kay Douglass Interiors. The King Street showroom features new and re-purposed furniture along with antiques brought in from France and Belgium. Styles range from modern to classic, with a variety of pieces that will fit perfectly into any home. Along with furnishings, there is a wide array of candles, books, and kitchen items to help add a little more eye-candy to your decor!

10. Lily

Lily is located at 196 King Street

Lily Charleston brings the chic vibes of Europe and Paris to our very own Lowcountry. The boutique has a sleek white and silver interior that is extremely pleasing to the eye. All their items have a sophisticated European flare that will bring a sense of class to any home or event. The shop offers signature Charleston cookbooks with elegant Parisian kitchen ware to complement all of the recipes. Many of their bath and body items, along with exquisite jewelry, come straight from artisans in Paris and all around the world. Lily also features a selection of cufflinks, cologne, and handmade wood razors for the men in your life!

11. Texture Design Co.

Texture Design Co. is located at 218 King Street

We may be biased, but we think everyone in Charleston should come visit Texture Design Co! Our shop features a fun variety of Charleston themed goods such as cards, mugs, and prints! In need of the perfect greeting card? We can help you with that as well! Owner, Emily Kirby, has curated several other amazing pieces from other local designers including @Suite33Charleston, @ProduceCandles, @OystersAllAround, @LittleFishBoateak, and @hemming_birds. We are located on the second floor at 218 King so be sure to look out for us. We promise we won't disappoint, and we'd love to meet you!

Complete Map of Lower King Street Destinations


  1. Two Cumberland
  2. Vestique
  3. Charleston Shoe Company
  4. E.Blackhurst
  5. The Impeccable Pig
  6. 6. Be the Change Boutique


A. Bull Street Gourmet
B. Fulton Five
C. Bin 152
D. Kitchen 208
E. City Lights Coffee

7. The Preservation Society
8. Vieuxtemps
9. South of Market
10. Lily Charleston
11. Texture Design Co.

Thank you for joining us for our Lower King Street series!
We hope you'll check out our amazing neighbors!

- Elise

We're Opening a Shop!

Texture Design Co. is opening up a shop and office space in Charleston!

AND we're beyond excited! Our new location will be on King Street above Nine West shoes.

We'll be sharing the second floor with our friends at Be the Change Boutique.

This week we got our keys, and now we are starting to measure, pick paint colors (I can't decide!), and figure out what in the world we're doing (kind of kidding). Martin and I have a ton to do in order to get this place ready for you to come see us!

By the way, it is a very cool story of how God just presented the opportunity; I'm still in awe! (I can't take any of the credit.) About a month ago, Be the Change Boutique called and threw out what I thought was a crazy idea. And here we are a few weeks later...

Our goal is to open early/mid June. We will definitely keep you posted on the progress and opening date! Here are some black and white pics of the space now. Once we get it looking pretty, I'll show you the before and after in color!

More details to come! We can't wait for you to stop by once we're up and running!

Emily Kirby

Follow Friday: My Little Bug Boutique

There is nothing cuter than a little baby girl with a precious bow in her hair! Am I right or am I right?! Today's #FollowFriday is a friend of mine who makes the sweetest hair bows for little girls! She sows and assembles all of them at her house here in Charleston, SC. I've already bought a few for my nieces because I think they are the perfect gift! Continue reading to find out more about My Little Bug Boutique.

My Little Bug Boutique

Owner: Avery Raley
Products: Hair Accessories, Bows

TDC: First of all, what inspired the name, My Little Bug Boutique?
MLBB: Like most funny nicknames, this one sort of just “happened”. I think when our daughter, Elliotte, was probably around a year old or so, I started calling her all sorts of variations of “bug”. Little bug, bug-a-boo, silly bug, etc. When I decided I wanted to open an Etsy shop, naming it after her just seemed appropriate. She’s the little bug behind the boutique!

TDC: Tell us a little about your background and what lead you to open up your shop!
MLBB: Ever since we found out we were having a little girl, I was giddy about being able to dress her up in ruffles and bows, even though I’m not super girly myself. It’s just so much fun! We were gifted a lot of bows when she was first born, but as she outgrew them I found myself missing having all the different colored bows to match each and every outfit (high priority, obviously). In an effort to save money, I decided to try and make her some bows myself. I found that as a stay at home mom, I actually really enjoyed the creative outlet of making the bows and how customizable they were. Fast forward about one year and a sewing machine later and I thought opening up my own shop might a great way to help contribute to my family financially while also doing something I enjoy!

Classic Spring Bows

Classic Spring Bows

TDC: Do you currently have a favorite item in the shop right now? 
MLBB: It changes weekly! I’d have to say currently I’m really loving the spring line of “classic” bows! I love the pastel colors and I think they’re also my favorite to put Elliotte in because they really stand out.

TDC: Your daughter is absolutely precious. She is coming up on 2 years! Do you have any tricks for keeping bows in her hair!?
MLBB: You are sweet! Well as I’m sure many other girl moms would say, keeping a bow in her hair isn’t necessarily an easy feat at this age. She’s extremely busy and she’s been known to rip her bow out and throw it on the floor, especially in the car. But I think two things specifically have been helpful in getting her to keep it on. 1) I’ve been putting bows on her since she was a newborn, so really I think she’s just used to it. She knows that if we’re going somewhere, no outfit is complete without a bow! Plus she truly loves to accessorize (hats, necklaces, you name it) so I think she enjoys that part of it too. 2) All of our clip bows in the shop have a rubber grip attached, specifically made to grip onto fine hair like many kids have and keep bows in place. That makes all the difference, especially for little ones! For the bands, the elastics we use are super soft and grow with the child so they won’t dig into their head or feel uncomfortable, making them much less likely to want to pull it off!

TDC: You also just made a very important announcement on your shop’s social media! Do tell!
MLBB: We did! …We are currently expecting our 2nd “little bug”! I am due in September and super excited to find out if we’ll have another bow wearing girl, or if we’ll need to be adding some boy bow ties to the shop!

TDC: What is one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned since being a mom?
MLBB: Oh gosh. I could write a book on that question alone. I think I’d have to say that the biggest lesson that comes to mind is that nothing is concrete! Babies, toddlers, children.. they’re always changing! As soon as you think you’ve become a pro at something, they change. As soon as you think you’ve figured something out about your child, it changes – for better or for worse! It’s a lot of learning and adapting at every age and every baby is different. And as much as I’d like to, I can’t take credit for anything she’s good at, haha. Most of it is just her personality and the way the Lord made her! I think it’s really taught to me to hold an open hand as a mom. To know that I’m not in control of anything that I just have to trust the Lord with every little thing. It’s hard to do when you naturally want to do the best, safest, most beneficial thing for your child 24/7, but it’s also quite freeing. To know that the Lord, who’s much more capable than me, is actually in perfect control!  

TDC: You’ve lived in the Charleston, SC area for about 2 years now. Can you share some of your favorite family activities to do around town?
MLBB: Hmmm. You know really we just love to be outside, especially in Charleston! Elliotte (and of course the soon to be new baby) isn’t really old enough to do a lot of “structured” activities, so the best things for us right now are just being in wide open spaces where we can explore and Elliotte can run around. We love the beach, the parks, going downtown, that sort of thing. We also love the farmers market and similar free outdoor events where we can walk around (did I say for free?) and listen to music and grab something to eat. It’s stroller friendly and no one cares if your child is making a racket!

TDC: Last but definitely not least...what is your favorite Charleston area restaurant right now?
MLBB: How does anyone pick just one? I’m gonna cheat and give two answers (okay maybe three). For me personally I’m a huge fan of Mediterranean food. So I tend to go for places like Zoe’s Kitchen or Tazikis over and over again – I know those are chains but since not everywhere has those options, I’m gonna consider them Charleston perks! For the family, we really like Taco Boy downtown! It’s super affordable, has a really fun atmosphere and it’s kid friendly (aka loud)!

Be sure to follow Avery on Instagram as she continues to grow My Little Bug Boutique! So much excitement ahead for their family. And my personal favorite bow is the green glitter. Is it cool if I wear that one?! :)

Stay tuned for our next #FollowFriday in three weeks! Hint: All the tennis pros are wearing it!

Emily Kirby

Follow Friday: Emerson Row

I am so excited to introduce you to the Charleston rolling-boutique, Emerson Row! I met Emily Richardson and her airstream last fall at the Charleston Mac Off! I remember telling my husband how much I loved her inventory and her style. Find out more about @EmersonRow in our interview below!


Owner: Emily Richardson
Products: Home decor, children’s items, locally made items from craftsmen and artisans

TDC: Emerson Row is a very unique boutique in the fact that it is mobile! How did you come up with the idea of a rolling retail space?!
ER: I have had Emerson Row since February 2011, and I started out in booths in antique stores. I’ve also had two different store fronts. I was eager for a change and wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and explore a new concept for my retail business. I have seen mobile clothing businesses, but I’ve never seen one that sells home decor and gifts here in South Carolina. Some people thought my idea was insane, others were totally on board with me.

TDC: I believe Charlie is the name for your airstream; did Charlie require a lot of renovation before becoming the home of Emerson Row?
ER: Charlie is the name of my 1964 Globe Trotter Airstream. Charlie is short for Charleston. It seemed fitting to name her that because Emerson Row was “born” in Charleston in 2011, and I decided last summer I had to get back to the Charleston area to chase my “rolling retail boutique” dream. 

TDC: How would you describe the type of products carried in your shop?
ER: When I first started the business, I mostly repurposed new and old furniture. I carried very little decor items. Now, I carry home decor, children’s items, gifts, and lots of locally made items. I represent lots of local craftsmen and artisans within South Carolina. I like to keep it local as much as possible! I’m all about supporting small businesses.

TDC: Do you have a new favorite item that you’ve recently added to your inventory?
ER: Obviously, I love all of my items that I carry. One of my new favorite items would have to be the wire taxidermy pieces I recently started carrying. These are  made in Charleston by the talented Alison Ross. (see below)

TDC: Are there any set hours or locations for Emerson Row right now? What is the best way for people to find you and Charlie?
ER: Right now, I am setting up a few days a week at Brown Fox Coffee’s location at the corner of Simmons Street and Coleman Blvd in Mount Pleasant. We are there until 4pm during the week. I am participating in a lot of events around Charleston and Mount Pleasant. I will soon be adding places around Shem Creek to park this spring and I will always announce ahead of time on my Instagram account and my Facebook page the days and hours and location.

TDC: If followers see something they love on your Facebook or Instagram account, are they able to contact you to purchase? Do you ever ship items?
ER: Absolutely! I respond promptly to both Instagram and Facebook messages. Anyone can contact me via email or phone number that are listed on there. I’m always shipping items to my customers! Online orders are a huge part of my business.

TDC: If someone would like to contact you about having Emerson Row at a function or event, what is the best way to do that?
ER: They can contact me at EmersonRowSC@gmail.com or 843.687.2534.

TDC: Always a hard question for people, but what is your favorite Charleston area restaurant right now?
AC: I could name so many! This is a hard question. I would have to say Red Drum and Tavern & Table in Mount Pleasant, and Edmund’s Oast and Cypress in downtown Charleston.

Be sure to follow along with Emily as she continues the exciting ride with Emerson Row!
Happy #FollowFriday and stay tuned for our next interview in 3 weeks!

Emily Kirby