Final Logo Design for All Before Thirty

In the last post, I showed you the three logo options for the new blog All Before Thirty! Today, I'm sharing the final outcome! As you may have already seen on our home page and Instagram feed, Shannon selected the stylish and southern logo featuring two coffee mugs.

All Before Thirty blog logo

Below you can see the mood board that directed and inspired the "look" of All Before Thirty. Mood boards are very helpful when it comes to making sure the client and designer are on the same page! Shannon created a Pinterest board with images and photos that depicted her idea of what All Before Thirty would eventually look like. Using her pins and a few that I added, we were able to create a physical mood board that guided us in the logo process. Shannon can continue to use the board as inspiration when selecting images for her blog and social media. The feminine colors, bold graphics, and classy imagery of the board create a unified look that will be carried into every outlet of All Before Thirty.

Next to the mood board, is the complete brand design for All Before Thirty. We love how it came out! It is very feminine and yet still bold. It is welcoming and approachable, and yet it is still classy and exciting. Follow All Before Thirty for updates on the launch of the new blog. Based on the warm and welcoming personality of Shannon, it is sure to be an encouraging and enjoyable blog to read! 

Thanks for following along. To learn more about our branding and logo packages, check out our Etsy Listings.


Emily Kirby

Emily Kirby of Texture Design Co