A New Branding Package: Salt & Light Photography

Last week I shared the process work behind the new logo for Katie Werner's company, Salt & Light Photography. This week, I am excited to share with you the final product! Check out her branding package below:


Above is an example of one of the patterns and alternate logos paired together. Top right is the mood board that helped direct the look, feel, and color of the brand. Working on a mood board with a client is so helpful because it makes sure we are on the same page! (and it gets everyone excited about starting!)

A little shout out for Katie...she takes the sweetest photos! Follow her on Instagram and see what I'm talking about! Currently, we are creating a Square Space site for Salt & Light Photography that will coordinate with the new branding! Can't wait to share this portion of the project with you in the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading and following! Let me know if you have any questions on the logo design or branding process!

Emily Kirby

Final Logo Design for All Before Thirty

In the last post, I showed you the three logo options for the new blog All Before Thirty! Today, I'm sharing the final outcome! As you may have already seen on our home page and Instagram feed, Shannon selected the stylish and southern logo featuring two coffee mugs.

All Before Thirty blog logo

Below you can see the mood board that directed and inspired the "look" of All Before Thirty. Mood boards are very helpful when it comes to making sure the client and designer are on the same page! Shannon created a Pinterest board with images and photos that depicted her idea of what All Before Thirty would eventually look like. Using her pins and a few that I added, we were able to create a physical mood board that guided us in the logo process. Shannon can continue to use the board as inspiration when selecting images for her blog and social media. The feminine colors, bold graphics, and classy imagery of the board create a unified look that will be carried into every outlet of All Before Thirty.

Next to the mood board, is the complete brand design for All Before Thirty. We love how it came out! It is very feminine and yet still bold. It is welcoming and approachable, and yet it is still classy and exciting. Follow All Before Thirty for updates on the launch of the new blog. Based on the warm and welcoming personality of Shannon, it is sure to be an encouraging and enjoyable blog to read! 

Thanks for following along. To learn more about our branding and logo packages, check out our Etsy Listings.


Emily Kirby

Emily Kirby of Texture Design Co

Adding Some Branding: For a Wedding

Martin and I got married January 25, 2014; and it was an absolutely beautiful day (very cold, but beautiful)! The day was a joyful whirlwind, and I'm so thankful to be married to this man. Below is a little glimpse of the day.

Wedding Photos courtesy of Leah's Opus Photography

As a graphic designer, one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning was creating the stationery, including the save the dates, invitations, RSVP's, programs, and envelopes. To be honest, creating the wedding package was very similar to branding a company. You come up with a logo or emblem, and repeat it in little and unique ways throughout the wedding. Pretty soon, people start recognizing it as part of your wedding.

We decided to center the design around the location -- an old cotton dock in Charleston. So the concept was in the name; the design would focus on the dock aspect and have a casual boathouse/dock feel. After a little brainstorming, I decided on using the boat oars as the main repeating element.

The oars and our initials became the emblem (or logo), and all the pieces reflected some aspect of it. 

The exciting part is tying it all together. The front of the RSVP card had a life preserver to complement the boat oars.

Above you can see the wedding program held by one of the groomsmen. Again, we have the repeating elements of the oars. Much like branding a company, each piece uses the same fonts, colors, and other graphic elements.

To signal guests, we added the emblem to our directional signs.

You can be very creative with this! We added menu signs that incorporated the crossed oars.

We decided to do save-the-date postcards, and added the crossed oars by the address location. (The little details are the best part!)

 Photo taken by Texture Design Co. and Engagement Photos by Melissa Griffin Photography

But my overall favorite piece was the custom rubber stamp for the return address. It made such a statement on the navy envelopes. I'll definitely be using more custom stamps in the future.

Photo taken by Texture Design Co.

Hopefully some of this gives you ideas of how to create a unified look for a wedding package or quite honestly a business package.

Photo taken by Texture Design Co.